Glo Corporate (Postpaid Business Unit)  is dedicated to addressing the communication needs of corporate Benin.

With Glo Corporate/Postpaid Services you can call colleagues in your organization at lower rates, receive your invoices directly to your e-mail address and even make your mobile numbers a way of expressing yourself.


  • Per minute and per second billing options
  • Cost effective rate plans
  • Bundled free minutes
  •  Free itemized billing
  • Low monthly access charge
  •  Closed User Group (CUG) Facility
  • Huge Discount on calls to Friends and Family

We offer a variety of postpaid products. Our standard postpaid packages are as follows.

Business Business Pro
Hymax  Exclusive

The following processes apply to postpaid packages.

Postpaid Subscription
Customers can subscribe for the any postpaid product at the sales office, at the Gloworld or through accredited Glo Corporate Master Partner (CMP) / Dealer.

To subscribe, the customer will be required to provide the following, in addition to required payments.
• Completed SAF form issued by Glo,
• 2 passport photographs,
• copy of ID card and original for sighting and
• copy of recent utility bill.

Postpaid Payments
Payments of postpaid bill, for monthly service rental (MSR) and/or usage, on any of the packages can be made at the Gloworld or to designated Glo Sales account at the bank.
Customers can also use the EasyPay service that enables them to make payments by simply recharging their lines with Glo recharge cards. The EasyPay service is available on all postpaid products.

Dunning Process
Postpaid bills are generated at the end of every month and dispatched to the customers in hard copy and by email (provided the customer make his/her email available to Glo).
On the 15th of the month the dunning process will be initiated and customers who have not paid their outstanding bills will have their accounts suspended, until payments are made.

Account Status Query
Customers can check their usage at any time by sending ‘BILL’ by text/SMS to ‘2222’. This facility is available on all postpaid products.

Customer Care
Postpaid customers can reach our dedicated Glo Customer Care by calling the 151 toll free line.

Package Termination
To terminate a package or temporarily have it suspended, customers need to send a formal request through his/her account officer. Outstanding bills will need to be cleared for the request to be treated.