Le forfait Hymax est un produit hybride spécialement conçu pour les entreprises, les collectivités, les associations et les organisations ayant besoin de communiqué au sein d’un Groupe Fermé d’Utilisateurs.

The Hymax package is an  hybrid product specially designed for corporates, communities, associations and organizations with need for Closed User Group (CUG) functionalities.

Hymax attracts monthly service rental (MSR) of 3000F.


  • Closed User Group (CUG) functionality.
  • Per second billing.
  • 50% Discount on calls to 5 Friends & Family numbers
  • Available Roaming facility
  • Available International Direct Dialing (IDD) facility

Rates & Charges


3000 F

Security Deposit

2000 F

Cost of New Subscription

5000 F

On-net Calls (Glo-Glo)

1 F / sec

Off-net Calls (Glo-Others)

1 F / sec

CUG Calls

0 F

On-net SMS

10 F

Off-net SMS

25 F

International SMS

60 F