Daily Plans

Plan Name Service Cost Data Bundle Usage Period Keyword Validity
50MB 400F 50 MB 24 hrs 17 30 days
G. Journalier 5,000F 2GB 9am-9pm, daily 20 30 days
G. Loisir 5,000F 2GB 9pm-9am, daily 21 30 days
G. Heures Creuse 2,000F 1GB 1pm-4pm, daily 22 30 days
G. Weekend 5,000F 2GB 9pm Fri – 9am Mon 30 30 days
Par Heure 100F 10MB 1 hour 40 Anytime within 7 days

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe to any of the plans by sending corresponding keyword to 127, by SMS.

You can also send MENU to 127, by SMS to receive the plan codes. More details on the plans can be obtained from the self care portal at and subscription can also be done via this portal.

Package Renewals

HSI packages can be renewed automatically or manually when the subscription expires. Automatic renewal can be set on any package via the Self Care Portal.

To ensure successful automatic renewal of subscription, you need to make sure that sufficient credit is on your line by the date of renewal. The system will notify you of renewal date, prior to this date, by text.

Renewal: Automatic renewal can be accepted by simply sending ACCEPTER to 127, by text/SMS.

Cancellation: Automatic renewal can be cancelled by simply sending ANNULER to 127, by text/SMS.

These actions can also be done from the self care portal.


There are a number of SMS usage notifications that are sent periodically based on time and volume.

Usage notifications are forwarded by SMS at 80% of the allotted bundled data and 90% of the allotted time / validity.

Renewal notification is sent to customers on packages with ‘active’ automatic renewal status.

Expiry notification is also forwarded to customers when their package subscription expires.

Status Query

Customers can check the status of their active HSI package by sending INFO to 127, by text/SMS or by checking their details on the self care portal (

Subscription Expiry

A subscription can expire if the bundled data / volume cap or the allotted time / validity is reached.