International Roaming

The Roaming facility allows Glo Mobile customers access to utilize their Glo Benin lines in other countries outside Benin. They need to roam their lines on one of the partner networks in the country being visited. Once roaming is set up, customers can make and receive calls on their Glo Benin lines in the visited country.

The roaming facility is available by default to all prepaid customers. Postpaid customers need to make a minimal Roaming Deposit payment for the service to be configured, with their contract.

Roaming Packages

We have two different roaming plans to choose from:

• Postpaid Roaming: Allows Voice, SMS and Data roaming

• Prepaid Roaming: Allows Voice and SMS roaming

Setting up Postpaid Roaming

To set up roaming on your contract or postpaid line, visit any of our Gloworld outlets nationwide and pay the required roaming deposit, 2-3 days before your trip. Your postpaid account executive can also assist with you roaming activation processing.

Be sure to find out about Glo Roaming Coverage in your planned travel destination.

Setting up Prepaid Roaming

As a prepaid subscriber you only need to top up your credit with the desired amount you wish to spend during your trip and take off.

Be sure to find out about Glo Prepaid Roaming Coverage in your travel destination.

24 hour Customer Care service for Roamers

Glo Customer Care can be reached through the following numbers:

• Postpaid: +22998030151

• Prepaid: +22998121121

Please note that applicable roaming rates will apply to such calls.

The following is the current roaming rate (calls are charged on per minute basis).

Zone Rate (Glo Nigeria) Rate (Glo Ghana)
Local – Glo Nigeria 62F 113F
Local – Glo Ghana 113F 62F
Local – Others 97F 97F
IDD – Glo Benin 113F 113F
IDD – Exc Satellite 242F 242F
IDD – Satellite Blocked Blocked
Incoming Calls 26F 26F
SMS – Glo 20F 20F
SMS – Others 49F 49F


To check the list of our roaming partners, click here.

Data Roaming

With the data roaming facility, Glo customers can utilize data dependent services (like internet browsing & BlackBerry services) while roaming.

Data roaming is charged per kilobyte of data at 2F.

One Network

This facility allows Glo Benin customers to enjoy special services and benefits while roaming on another Glo Network in any of our operating countries.

Customers can enjoy the following benefits among others things.

• Calling at local rates

• Using local recharge cards to top up mobile account

When calling at local rates, customers roaming on another Glo Network make outgoing calls at the same rate the local customer will be making calls. For example, if a Glo Benin customer is roaming on Glo Nigeria Network (in Nigeria), the customer will be calling at the rate a local Glo Nigeria customer is calling.

Glo customers can also use local recharge cards for top up. For example, a Glo Benin customer roaming on Glo Nigeria Network (in Nigeria) can use a Glo Nigeria recharge card to recharge his/her account.

To recharge, customers need to send the recharge USSD string in the format: * 123 * < country_code > * < recharge_card_pin > #

For example, to recharge a Glo Benin line while roaming on Glo Nigeria with a Glo Nigeria recharge card, just send *123*234* < recharge_card_pin >#