Glo GBAM is a prepaid package that is specifically designed to cater for the needs of youths. It is tailored to ensure that the youths have an enjoyable experience with the communication solution provided to them by Glo. The product attracts a weekly rental of only 150F.


  • Per second billing basis
  • 500 Free Airtime at Activation
  • Chat SMS @ 1F/SMS from 9pm-6am, daily
  • Free Internet Browsing (WAP) from 12 noon-3pm, daily
  • Discounted Night Calls from 11pm-6am, daily
  • 0.6F/sec GBAM to GBAM Calls
  • Calls @ 0.5F/sec to 5 Closest Pals
  • International direct dialing facility
Calls and SMS Rates
GBAM to GBAM 0.6 F/sec
Glo to Glo 1 F/sec
Glo to other networks 1F/sec
On-Net SMS 10F/SMS
Off-Net SMS 25F/SMS
Int’l SMS 60F/SMS