Glo Lifestyle Update

The Lifestyle Update service affords customers the
opportunity of receiving daily tips and updates to enhance their lifestyle.

Lifestyle update will be available on Health, Love, Beauty,
Thought of the Day, Football & Job Alert; providing information as follows.

SN Pack Provided Information
1 Thought of the Day Motivational information
2 Love Information on how to
cultivate & maintain a love relationship
3 Health Tips Health improvement &
maintenance information
4 Beauty Tips Information on how to boost
personality & look more impressive
5 Amazing Facts Information about amazing
facts of life
6 Football Facts General information on
soccer & football facts
7 Football Facts General information on
soccer & football facts


The service is provided on subscription basis via IVR
& SMS channels.


Customers can subscribe simply sending AIDE to 7007 (for SMS
channel) or calling 7007 (for IVR channel). In response, customers will receive
the list of available service packs and the message will provide a guide for

Subscription charge of 100F or 150F is applicable for 7 days
or 15 days, respectively.

Subscription can also be done directly by sending the
following keywords to 7007 for respective packs.

Keyword Pack Validity/Duration

Health Pack

15 Days
Beaute Beauty Pack 15 Days
Amour Love Pack 15 Days
Pensee Thought of the Day Pack 15 Days
Football Football Alert 15 Days
Job Job Alert 15 Days

Health Pack

7 Days
Beaute7 Beauty Pack 7 Days
Amour7 Love Pack 7 Days
Pensee7 Thought of the Day Pack 7 Days
Football7 Football Alert 7 Days
Job7 Job Alert 7 Days

The service is available to both prepaid & postpaid

Service Cancellation

Customers can unsubscribe by sending ANNULER <keyword>
to 7007, by SMS.

The <keyword> of the particular pack to be
unsubscribed for is to be inserted.

A call can also be made to 7007 to unsubscribe via IVR.