The Glo Mobile Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) service gives access to all popular internet sites which have been customized for mobile phone browsing with the WAP protocol. You will be able to access such sites and surf the internet, directly from your GPRS/EDGE enabled mobile phone.


•      Wireless internet access to your mobile phone anywhere and any time

•      Data downloads charged per kilobytes rather than length of stay on the net.

•      Surf the World Wide Web customized for mobile phone browsing.

•      View the latest news headlines online realtime.

Getting the Service

Glo SIM cards are configured with the service APN by default. However, the handset also needs to be configured for the service. Most modern / recent phones are GPRS/EDGE enabled. If yours is enabled, you can set up your phone for the service. The service is available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Settings required for the configurations are as follows.

APN Proxy Server Username Port Password
Glowap wap 3128 wap

If you need help setting up your mobile phone for the service, please call Customer Care on 121 (Prepaid) or 151 (Postpaid). You can also visit any of our Gloworld Shops nearest to you.

Service Cost

The service is charged based on data consumed at the rate of 0.125F per kilobyte.