Ghanaian contestants in the X Factor auditions conducted in Accra on Saturday, May11, have commended Glo for bringing the world’s biggest singing reality TV show to Africa, declaring that it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for aspiring singers to realise their dream.

As early as 5.30 a.m., the usually quiet Northridge area of Accra came alive as hundreds of bubbly teenagers and young adults in their twenties streamed into the neighbourhood and by 9 a.m. when the show started, over 800 contestants had filled the Alisa Hotel venue of the auditions. With the crowd chorusing excitedly “Glo, Glo, Glo, X Factor!”, many of the youths expressed their determination to stake a claim to the $150,000 prize money for ultimate winner of the show.

Standing out in the crowd was well-known television personality, Kokui Selormey. The co-host of ‘This Morning’, Viasat 1 weekday’s morning show, said she decided to participate to try to win the prize money. Though she could not progress to the final stage, she was very excited at the opportunity Glo had offered Nigerian and Ghanaian youths through X Factor. “It is a lifetime offer. I commend Glo for this and pray that the company will continue with the programme as it will help bring up more African superstars,” Selormey stated.

Also commending Glo were the 24-year old Latino twins, Lamberta and Lambertina Hansen, who after qualifying for the next stage declared they were ready to battle the male twins from Nigeria, the DNA Twins all the way for the $150,000 prize money.

“It is a great thing that Glo has done. It is commendable that a new company in Ghana has brought this wonderful opportunity here. We are grateful to have sailed through the first day. We are very happy now because we are a step nearer the prize money. We hear there are a set of twin guys who also made it through the Abuja auditions in Nigeria. We are female twins from Ghana and with our parents and entire family and the whole of Ghana behind us, we will give them a good run for their money. God, let this dream come true,” the twins declared.

The oldest participants of the day were 54 year-old and 53 year-old Robert Adinyira and Jonathan Seshie respectively who sang under the group name Crosscrown. “We have been singing together since 1976 at Denu, a suburb of Ho in the Volta Region. This is the best opportunity that has ever come our way. Glo is a new company doing very well. It is a winner and everyone wants to identify with the winner. The prize is a big deal, with it our life will be made,” they noted.

35-year-old Ebenezar Arther from Central Region of Cape Coast also observed, “I have never had this kind of  opportunity since I started singing in 1999. I am very excited. $150,000 is a lot of money and if I win,  I will invest part of the money in nurturing young talents.”