With Glo’s BlackBerry® Internet solution (BIS), you are seamlessly connected to your social & professional circle. The service provide you to access mails, chat and other internet applications while you are on the move.

Features of BIS
Email: Subscribers can add and access up to 10 email accounts (Pushmail Technology)
Browsing: Browse in efficient, fast 3G speed, user-friendly HTML Internet Browser for BIS subscribers
IM/Social Networking: Subscribers can utilize BlackBerry for their favourite chat applications such as MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and Google Talk and don’t forget BBM, Facebook, Twitter, always connected to your friends, family and business colleagues.
Security: Triple DES security, most secure in the market. Govt’s and Big Institutions trust this. Banks who deal with billions have double layer, BB has Triple.
Compression: Downloads are compressed to 70% of original size without losing any data. This saves you 30% time, data rate cost, memory and battery life.

BIS is available to Pre-paid and Post-paid subscribers and BES is available to postpaid subscribers only.

BIS Plan Details

Subscription Name Service Rental (GHC) Validity Data bundle SMS  Keyword USSD
BIS Monthly 35.00 30 days 4GB BISMONTH *777*3#
BIS Week 10.00 7 days 1GB BISWEEK *777*2#
BIS Daily 1.50 24 Hours 250Mb BISDAY *777*1#