Get “Glo Bounce”, Aha ye de!

Glo Bounce
Voice Calls to Glo 14 Pesewa/Min 0.2333 Pesewa/Second
Voice Calls to other networks 14 Pesewa/Min 0.2333 Pesewa/Second
SMS to Glo 4 Pesewa
SMS to other networks 5 Pesewa
PayGo Data 10 Pesewa/ Mb
Bonus on Activation Free Data 10 MB for 7 days

*Per second billing for all voice calls

On every recharge you will get instant “Recharge Bonus” & “Zero balance Bonus” to use within validity period as follows:

Recharge Denomination GHc Recharge Bonus 100% Zero Balance Bonus Bonus Validity Days
1 Call to All Networks (Up to 20% to other networks) Data 5 MbUnlimited calls to Glo & Data 10 Mb

Unlimited calls to Glo & Data 20 Mb

2 2
5 3
10 5
20 7
50 7

*Fair usage policy applies

For example, you recharge GHc 5 to get instant recharge bonus of GHc 5 to call all networks. Up to 20% of recharge bonus i.e. GHc 1 can be used to make calls to other networks.

Additionally you get Zero Balance Bonus to make unlimited Calls to Glo & 10 Mb to browse even at zero balance.

You consume “Recharge Bonus” up to 100% & unlimited* “Zero balance Bonus” before the recharge credit in the main account within 3 days.

It means you can make unlimited calls to Glo lines & browse free up to 10 Mb without credit in the main account within the validity period.

You can Dial *124# anytime free for checking your balance.

The additional benefits are as follows:

Friends & Family:

  • Register Free up to 5 Glo numbers as “Friends & Family” & call them @ Gp 5/minute.
  • To subscribe, Dial *101*1*<Glo no>#
  • After free registration of 5 numbers, every modification/ deletion of Friends & Family Number is charged @ Gp 50.
  1. a.       To Modify – Dial *101*2*<Old Glo No.>*<New Glo No.># charged @ Gp 50
  2. To delete – Dial *101*3*<Old Glo No.># charged @ Gp 50. You can replace the deleted no. free anytime.

Happy Night Hours:

  • Use 50 Gp & above today to make calls @ Gp 5 per minute to any other Glo number following night from 12am to 6am.

All current prepaid subscribers can migrate to “Glo Bounce offer” as follows:

  1. USSD Migration – Dial “5650*1#”
  2. SMS Migration – Type SMS “6” & send it to “5650”

All customers from Good Day Ghana & Gista can migrate free to this new offer. The customers from BiiiiiG 5 Extra can migrate to Bounce paying a onetime fee of GHc 0.50.

The customers can migrate from Bounce to BiiiiiG 5 Extra with a fee of GHc 0.50.

Recommend your “Friends & Family” to activate a New Glo line today, Aha Ye De!