Glo 15% Bonus – E-Top Up FAQs


1. What is Glo 15% on E-TopUp bonus?
Glo 15% on E-TopUp is a recharge bonus offer for all prepaid subscribers who top-up their accounts / lines with the regular recharge values electronically. Subs on all profiles will receive 15% bonus on the amount recharged per the requisite recharge value.

2. Do I have to migrate to enjoy this offer?
No, you do not have to migrate to enjoy this offer. All profiles (new and existing prepaid customers) can enjoy the offer by recharging electronically with the specified recharge values.

3. What are the benefits?
A top –up with any of the specific regular recharge values below will earn you 15% bonus. The validity of the bonuses are illustrated below.

E-Top-Up amount range

Main Account

E-Top Up 15% Bonus(Glo-Glo)


GHc1 – GHc 9

Top Up value

15% bonus

7 days

GHc 10 – GHc 19

Top Up value

15% bonus

15 days

GHc 20 & above

Top Up value

15% bonus

30 Days

4. What is the bonus tariff?
The bonus tariffs are follows:

E-TopUp 15% Bonus Tariff


Chargeable A/c


On-net Voice

Bonus  A/c


 On-net SMS

Bonus A/c



Bonus A/c


  • Off-net Voice and SMS to be charged per current profile rates from the main account.
  • IDD Voice calls & SMS will be charged per current location rates from the main account.

5. What happens if I exhaust my bonus?
Once bonuses are exhausted, you will be charged for all transactions per your profile’s rates.

6. What happens to the existing bonuses on my line when I recharge the regular values electronically?
All existing bonuses will be enjoyed alongside the 15% bonus on E-top up.

7. What happens to my 15% on E-Top up bonuses if I migrate to another profile?
Your 15% on E-Top up bonuses will be carried forward.

8. When can I enjoy the free data bundle?
You can only enjoy the free data when on the PAYGO profile and do not have any active or auto-renewed data (H.S.I. bundle).

9. How can I check usage of my 15% on E-top up bonuses?
Dial *124*1# to view bonuses.