Glo Welcome Back Offer FAQs


1. What is the Glo Welcome Back offer about?
The Welcome Back offer is an exclusive offer for existing Glo prepaid subscribers who have not used their lines in the last 30 days.

2. Who is eligible for this offer?
All Prepaid subscribers on existing profiles who have not performed any transaction for 30 days or more and can opt for the Glo Welcome Back offer.

3. What are the benefits of this offering?
Subscribers opting -in for the Glo Welcome Back offer get great value on Voice and Data as illustrated below:

Rental Pack (GHc)

Main A/C (GHc)

Onnet Voice & Data Bonus  (GHc)

Data Bonus (MB)

Bonus Validity (Days)
















4. Will an eligible customer for this offer be prompted about this offer?
Yes. An eligible customer will be prompted via SMS, prints, TV & Radio with details of the Welcome Back pack benefits with subscription method.

5. How can I subscribe for this offer?
An eligible customer should dial *555# and select the Welcome Back offer from the menu.

6. How long can a subscriber within this category enjoy this offer?
 An eligible subscriber can enjoy this offer as many times as he/she subscribes for the Welcome Back offer for only 30 days since reconnection.
 After 30 days, offer cannot not be accessed.

7. What is the validity of the bonuses?
Both Voice & Data bonuses are valid for 30 days.

8. How can I check for my bonuses?
• Dial *124*1# to view your Voice bonuses.
• Both PayGo & H.S.I subscribers should dial *127# to view their Data bonuses.

9. Can I use the voice bonus to call all networks?
No. Voice bonus is solely for On-net calls (100% Glo –Glo) at Gp16/min.

10. What is/are the Bonus tariff?
The bonus tariffs are follows:

Bonus Tariff


Chargeable A/c


On-net Voice

Bonus  A/c


On-net SMS

Bonus A/c



Bonus A/c


  • Per subscribers’ profile, Off-net Voice calls & SMS will be charged at their respective rates.
  • IDD Voice calls & SMS will be charged per current location rates.

*Once bonuses are exhausted and not renewed, subscribers will be charged for all transactions per their profile’s rates.

11. If an eligible customer migrates from one profile to another, will the Welcome Back offer be lost?
No. Eligible subscribers will not lose their Welcome Back offers should they migrate to any profile of their choice.

12. What happens after 30days of enjoying bonuses?
After the 30days duration for this offer, customer will not be eligible to access the Welcome Back offer again.

13. Will the customer enjoy the free data when H.S.I bundle is subscribed for?
Yes. The data bonus has priority over any existing H.S.I data subscription. (Priority is given to data bundle expiring first irrespective of the type of offering, either bonus or H.S.I subscribed for or auto renewed.)