High Speed Internet

HSI on Glo offers high speed broadband internet service. Glo mobile is connected with Glo 1 fiber optic cable with huge bandwidth.

You can access H S I from your handset, through a modem or a wireless router. HSI comes in two forms, Pay As you Go and Bundles

Prepaid customers will pay for H S I using money in their prepaid account and postpaid customers will have the charge for H S I on their monthly invoice.

The homepage for connecting to H S I is http://hsi.glo.com, through this portal you can subscribe to a bundle, know the volume of data you have consumed and the balance available.

Or you can subscribe the plan & get subscription details via SMS, Type “Menu” & send SMS to 127.

Or you can dial USSD code or Type “SMS code” & send SMS to 127 as per the table below.


Plan Name Volume Validity Time Band USSD Code SMS code Price (GHc)
Daily Personal 50MB 1 day 24hrs *127*1# 111 1.0
3 Day Personal 300MB 3 days 24hrs *127*2# 112 5.0
Weekly 750 750MB 1 week 24hrs *127*3# 121 10.0
Bronze 1.2GB 1 month 24hrs *127*4# 132 15.0
Silver 3.2GB 1 month 24hrs *127*5# 133 40.0
Gold 6GB 1 month 24hrs *127*6# 134 55.0
Diamond 10GB 3 months 24hrs *127*7# 135 80.0
Day Business 3GB 1 month 8am to 8pm *127*8# 21 30.0
Night Personal 3GB 1 month 8pm to 8am *127*9# 22 25.0
Only Phone 250MB 1 month 24hrs *127*10# 131 4.0