E Top-Up FAQs

1. What is eTop-Up service?
This is a service that allows Glo customers to recharge their Glo lines or those of friends and family without scratching any card. It requires no PIN and is so convenient. It is ‘denominationless’ (flexible) and any value from N50.00 can be purchased.

2. Where is eTop-Up available?
eTop-Up can be purchased Online, at ATMs, on PoS, Gloworld outlets and Retail Partners nationwide.

3. How do we access it at the Gloworld or Retail Dealer?
Customers can recharge through eTop-Up by going through the following steps:
• Customer locates Dealer/Sub/Retailer and pays required amount
• Dealer/Sub/Retailer accesses DSTK menu and inputs required amount and customer’s MSISDN • Customer is credited instantly and receives a text message as per new airtime balance
• Dealer/Sub/Retailer receives notification via SMS of successful recharge


4. When I use E Top-Up, will I still get the other recharge benefits accruable for my profile?
Yes. When you recharge via E Top-Up, you get ALL the benefits you get when you use physical/paper recharge card.

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