Nigerian children have been advised to imbibe the right virtues that will help them achieve their desired academic goals and become leaders of tomorrow in an honourable manner.

Grand Masters of Data, Globacom, in a goodwill message to Nigerian children on the occasion of the annual World Children’s Day, said that it was convinced that the Nigerian future is bright because of the brilliance exhibited regularly by Nigerian children in different fields of human endeavour.

Globacom urged the Nigerian government to intensify efforts at implementing developmental strategies that will ensure the provision of basic needs for the children and secure their wellbeing.

“Relevant stakeholders in government and private sectors, including parents, guardians, teachers, school proprietors and religious leaders are encouraged to put in more efforts in the development of children to enable them become responsible adults in future,” Globacom said.

“We also need to work towards creating more opportunities for this growing generation while deploying resources towards their holistic development and survival,” the company stressed.

The message also enjoined all Nigerian children to shun bad habits such as lying, cheating, laziness and disobedience to parents, and cultivate the habits of hard work, integrity and honesty. The company said these qualities would make them great and empower them to add value to the society.

The company reiterated its commitment to the development of the Nigerian child, adding that it has developed numerous products and services aimed at child development.

“We are not just providing services for our subscribers today, but we are laying a foundation for the future of this country and the future of all the countries where we have our footprints”, the company concluded.

It listed Glo Mobile Tutor as one of the products aimed at promoting academic excellence among children on its network. The Mobile Tutor is a mobile-based educational application that provides a more convenient and easier way for students at both Junior and Senior Secondary schools to learn and successfully prepare for examinations.

To utilise the service, Globacom advises subscribers to text EDUW to 4244 for weekly subscription or EDUM to 4244 for monthly subscription.

There is also Story Box Portal, an in-dial entertainment portal for all kids. The portal makes available to little readers a plethora of stories to read and enjoy during their leisure hours or bedtime. They consist of fable & fairy tale stories including Comedy gags, Bedtime stories, Adventure, Love tales and Bible stories. Children can get connected to the various stories at the click of a button by dialing the unique short code 5050.

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