Globacom on Wednesday, July 24, in Lagos launched a new N500 million consumer promo that will reward its loyal prepaid and postpaid subscribers for their support over the years.

The new promo called the Glo “Recharge to Stardom”, is offering loyal subscribers on the Glo network the opportunity to celebrate with Glo by winning various prizes ranging from N10,000 up to the grand prize of N25 million in the next 100 days.

Mr. Kemi Kaka, Globacom’s National Sales Coordinator (Channels), said that prepaid and post-paid Glo subscribers who recharge with N200 and above during the promo period stand a chance of winning any of the amazing prizes.

“The grand prize of N25million will be won by a customer at the end of the promo. Two lucky winners will cart home N5million every 10 days while 5 winners of N1million each will emerge every 10 days. In addition, 50 lucky winners will take home N25,000 daily while 200 customers will win N10,000 every day. This means that winners will emerge every day till the end of the promo”, he said.

He restated that customers only need to recharge with a minimum of N200 during the promo period to stand a chance of winning any of the prizes, adding that the customer’s chance of winning will increase with every recharge.

“Our objective is to turn our lucky subscribers into stars as we intend to reward them every day for the next 100 days. It is also important to us that our loyal subscribers are handsomely rewarded as they celebrate with us during our 10thanniversary. That is why we want them to win cash prizes of varying amounts up to the N25million grand prize”, he stated.

To win any of the cash rewards below N1million, subscribers must recharge a minimum of N200 every day to stand a chance of winning N10,000 and N25,000 daily. Multiple recharges will increase the participant’s chances of winning the daily prize.

To win any of the cash rewards between N1million and N5million, subscribers must recharge a cumulative of N1,000 in 10 days. They can appear in every draw of N1million and N5million if they recharge with N1,000 every 10 days. win the grand prize of N25million customers must recharge a cumulative of N5,000 during the promo period. Recharges in multiples of N5,000 will give more entries and the chance to win the grand prize.

“This promo, therefore, gives our existing subscribers a great opportunity to become richer. Potential customers can also buy a Glo prepaid SIM or port to Glo to participate in the promo,” he said. He advised subscribers who are not yet on the Glo network to adopt the Glo SIM as their primary SIM and recharge in order to win the amazing cash rewards and enjoy all the other benefits on the Glo network.

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