Globacom has thrown its weight behind Taste of Love, a serialised telenovella on television and cable networks which celebrates love and its attendant challenges.

Sponsorship of the 65-episodes- per- quarter soap is to achieve deep customer engagement with a view to connecting the brand to its existing and prospective customers.

The drama series is already running on AIT at 10-10 30 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday; Silverbird TV at 7.30-8 p.m. from Monday to Friday as well as Africa Magic on DSTV Channel 151 from 8.30-9 p.m. on Monday to Thursday .

Globacom said the family-focused story deals with familiar happenings within privileged families, and expressed the belief that it would appeal to youths who are trend seekers as well as the middle aged people who may be dealing with issues of business realities or betrayals as it affects them or their loved ones directly. “It is a story of pain, joy, love, betrayal and intrigues that will also provoke the values of Nigeria and give our urban and contemporary audiences good quality televiewing’’, the release said.

Taste of Love is the story of Ibrahim Musa-Phillips and Jonathan Pepple, two wealthy men who were patriarchs of two sugar-growing families. They started out as friends but eventually got embroiled in an endless feud.

Ibrahim believes Jonathan’s betrayal of him led to the death of Maria, his wife, and vows to perpetuate the war of attrition regardless of the grave consequences it portends for both families. While Jonathan’s business continues to prosper, Ibrahim runs into financial difficulties and decides to sell the business.

While this goes on, Kelechi, Pepple’s son and Hadiza, Ibrahim’s daughter fall in love to the chagrin of both fathers. These lovebirds must weather the storm of opposition which threatens to drown their love.

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