When the curtain draws on X Factor, the world’s biggest singing reality TV competition, next weekend, one of these three acts, DJ Switch, Eshun and Vicky will have her life transformed forever. Besides the whopping N24m star prize from the sponsors, Globacom, there is a recording contract with global leaders in entertainment, Sony Music.

We bring you face-to-face with the last three contestants standing as they all aim for the ultimate prize:


DJ Switch is one of the crowd’s favourites on the show, as her performances are usually greeted with exuberant applause. She has made it this far by being consistent and creative, and she’s not ready to give up. Hear her:

Out of the thousands that came for the auditions, you have made it to the top three, how do you feel?
I feel like the most blessed person here! It’s God’s favour that has helped me all the way. I don’t know a lot of people, but, somehow, God has given me fans; people I don’t even know have taken it upon themselves to vote for me. I’m really glad.

What will you give to be the last girl standing?
By God’s grace, I’ve been giving everything that I have since I came. If I could drop a leg on the stage to win, I would do it. I’m still going to give my best.

You’ve never been in the bottom two, what can you say has been working for you?
It’s simply God’s grace.

What should your fans be excepting from you?
Expect a different type of act. Yes, I’m a woman and we’re often underestimated in our performance. This is a big stage, but my dreams are bigger. This show has taught me that it’s not just about coming out and looking at people. You have to entertain them, and I’m willing to do that! To everybody out there, you can achieve your dreams, but you can’t do that if you’re still sleeping and dreaming. You must go out to chase it.


All the way from Ghana, Eshun is one of only two contestants who have succeeded in making one of the judges, Onyeka Onwenu, cry. Twice, she has induced tears from the Elegant Stallion, and she is confident that she will emerge the ultimate winner. She is the only Ghanaian left on the show…‎

At this stage of the competition, what’s the biggest thing you have to offer?
My all! Just like I’ve always been doing, I will give everything that I have without holding back.

You made Onyeka cry twice, what’s your X Factor that communicates to the audience?
Well, since I was small, everybody says that when they get close to me, I have a warm spirit that connects. I don’t see it myself, but people around me testify to it.

Victory, or not, what next for you after X Factor?
I am going to move on with my music. I should be able to give this gift back to the people, because God gave it to me, and it’s not for me to keep; I’m going to use it to make people happy.


Vicky is generally called “The Voice” because of her amazing voice quality. She is small physically, but only a fool would underrate her voice. When she sings, she towers like a giant, and she wouldn’t rest until the N24m is snuggling in her bank account. We spoke with her…

Hypothetically, what’s the first thing you will do if you win the N24m prize money?
First, I’ll be so happy and grateful to God. I’m going to pay my tithe, and I’m dead serious about that. Secondly, the money will go back into music, because music gave it to me. I will not disappoint my fans who have stood by me, and other things can now follow.

At this critical stage, you really have to give in your best, what will it mean for you to emerge as winner?
It will mean a lot to me, because that money will change everything! I hear constructive criticisms from the judges and my dance coaches, and I’m working on it to put in that extra spice to bring out that Vicky that has never been seen.

You were quite close to Pheel, how do you feel about his eviction?
When we were put up for eviction, I almost lost it because we’re both good. I feel so bad that he is no longer here.

After X Factor, what should we be expecting from you?
All my fans should expect big things from me!

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