Viewers of the hilarious TV Series, Professor Johnbull, sponsored by the grandmasters of data, Globacom, will this Tuesday be treated to another round of wits as the sitcom satirises the disastrous consequences of fraternising blindly with ponzi schemes.

In the new episode tagged Make Money Miss (MMM), the programme brings to the fore the folly of investing in online money networks, otherwise known as ponzi scheme, and the attendant pains it brings to participants who fall victim when their transactions collapse.

Featuring Professor Johnbull (Kanayo O. Kanayo), the conscience of the Series, who pontificates that risk is part of life, Make Money Miss parades other regulars of the sitcom such as Flash (Stephen Odimgbe), Elizabeth (Queen Nwokoye), Caro (Mercy Johnson Okojie), Olaniyi starred by Yomi Fash-Lanso, Samson (Ogus Baba), Jumoke (Bidemi Kosoko), Ufoma (Bimbo Akintola), Mai Doya (Funky Mallam) and Abadnego (Martins Nebo).

Slated for airing on NTA Network, NTA International on DSTV Channel 251 and NTA on StarTimes at 8.30p.m., Make Money Miss raises posers such as: Are victims of ponzi schemes gullible or merely greedy? What constitutes blind risk? Can we really say that those who participated in ponzi schemes put both legs to test the depth of the water? Are there no genuine online money network platforms? Do ponzi schemes underscore the philosophy of nothing ventured, nothing gained?

According to the producers, “Make Money Miss is projected to caution people to be wary of the many online money networks dotting the Nigerian landscape and to be circumspect in determining how they invest their hard-earned monies so as not to fall victim to scams or lose their life savings, especially at this hard time”.

“We believe that arts mirror the society and serve the major purpose of being the barometer to gauge the moral standing of the society. This is exactly what Professor Johnbull has been doing since it came to the Nigerian airwaves and we are more than encouraged by the feedback from the viewing public”, said the producers.

The repeat broadcast of the episode comes on air on Friday on the same channels at the same time.

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