Glo Data often referred to as “Glo Bolt” boasts amazing internet speeds up to 21.6 mbps and at best and affordable rates. Glo Bolt also provides a Do-It-Yourself Self Care portal where you can buy, gift, share and manage your data. To access this portal, simply browse to from your Glo SIM enabled device. You can also use SMS or USSD codes to buy, share or gift data.

Choose what suits you from our diverse data plans and enjoy top grade internet based on our Glo 1 Submarine Cable.

Use the following links to  see our data plans, features and prices.

Data Calculator
How Much Data Do I Need?

100MBSurf the web for 10 hours or Check 2000 emails or Watch 50 mins of video streaming
500MBSurf the web for 50 hours or Check 10,000 emails or Watch 4 hours of video streaming
2GBSurf the web for 200 hours or Check 40,000 emails or Watch 20 hours of video streaming
6GBSurf the web for 600 hours or Watch 60 hours of video streaming or Use your mobile as modem

* Usage is a guide only based on the following assumptions: Web browsing = 10MB per hour, Email = 50KB per email, YouTube streaming = 2MB per minute.


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