Glo Unlimited Roaming Bundle FAQs


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1. What is this Roaming Plan about?

    • The “Glo Unlimited Roaming Plan” is a roaming plan that allows Glo Prepaid subscribers roam internationally with a pocket friendly bundle offer that they understand.
    • This Plan offers the prepaid customer a clear, transparent and affordable price point that will prevent bill shock and allow the customer have complete control over his/her usage or spend while enjoying a bonus of free incoming calls and outgoing SMS.

2. In what Countries would this plan be available?
This roaming plan would be available in the countries as listed below.

CanadaTelus and Bell
Cote d’IvoireOrange
ItalyTIM and WIND
NetherlandsKPN  and Tele2
South AfricaCell C
South KoreaKT
UKTelefonica O2 & Everything Everywhere

3. Who can subscribe to this plan?
All Glo prepaid subscribers

4. How would this work? How can I activate this plan

  • You would need to dial the shortcode *0905# on your prepaid Glo line and once your airtime balance has been validated Glo would deduct N2500 and you would be given the bundle offer.
  • The Bundle allows you make outgoing calls for N100 with a validity of 15 days after which default International Roaming rates would apply.
  • Glo would also provision a fair usage of 60mins of incoming calls during the 15 days validity period.
  • On the expiration of your 15 days validity you can renew your plan.
  • If you don’t renew your plan on expiration default roaming charges would apply.

5. What are the Retail Rates for this plan in the 27 countries mentioned above

  • With a subscription charge of N2, 500 for 15 days validity Glo subscribers enjoy the following bundle offer while roaming in any of the 27 countries listed above.
Subscription Fee [N]2,500
Validity15 days

Bundled Offer

Incoming CallsFree [60mins]
Outgoing CallsN100
SMSFree [15]

6. Will all calls received be free?  
Yes all incoming calls from all destinations worldwide would be free! But with a fair usage cap of 60Mins.
***Note that after 60mins of incoming calls free normal roaming incoming call rates for your specific roaming location apply.

7. How many Outgoing SMS can I send for free?
On this plan as a Glo subscriber you can send a maximum of 15 SMS messages free to any number worldwide.

8. When can or should I activate this plan?
You can activate the plan local or while roaming following the process stated in No. 4 above.

9. Can the plan be renewed while roaming and How?
Yes! You can renew the roaming plan while roaming by following the same activation process explained in No.4.
**Note you must have sufficient credit to buy the plan. If not you may need to recharge you Glo line first.

10. How can I recharge my line while roaming?
In various ways;

  • Get someone in Nigeria to buy you recharge vouchers and text you the PIN
  • In the UK visit any paypoint outlet to buy Glo recharge
  • Or Top-up Online @

11. What do I do if any of the above mentioned networks don’t come up on my phone on arrival?
If the any of the networks listed above don’t come up automatically on your phone/device you would need to do a manual selection on your device to pick the desired network to enjoy the Roaming Unlimited plan.
Menu →Settings →Mobile Networks →Network Operator [Select a network Operator]

12. If I have issues while roaming with this plan who do I contact?
Call the Glo customer care on +2348050020121 or with the regular short code 121. Or send an email to
***Note calling the short code from abroad while roaming would incur international calls charges as per your roaming location.

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