The Uniworld service from Glo allows Glo subscribers of any of the 3 Glo networks (Nigeria, Ghana and Benin) in Africa to top-up their accounts with Local recharge cards in any of the African countries operating the Glo network and also enjoy flat Unique Uniform rates while roaming on any of the Glo networks in Nigeria, Ghana and Benin.

This service applies to both Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers
* Postpaid lines would have to be activated for roaming to enjoy this service offering

• No hassles of carrying recharge cards
• No extra or new network SIM required
• Customer Care availability in the visited Country
• Affordable Uniquely Unifying Tariffs.
• Uniquely different offering from ONLY Glo.

Target Audience
• All Glo Pre-Paid Subscribers and Post-Paid Subscribers in Nigeria, Benin and Ghana;
• Glo Nigeria Subscribers roaming in Glo Benin Republic and vice versa.
• Glo Nigeria Subscribers roaming in Glo Ghana and vice versa .
• Glo Benin Republic Subscriber roaming in Glo Ghana and vice versa.

**** Other mobile network subscribers who want to enjoy this Uniquely Unifying experience.

Rate Details

Making Calls/per minute

Host NetworkCurrencyLocal Calls GloLocal calls_Other NetworksCalling Nigeria_GloCalling Nigeria_Other Networks



Host NetworkCurrencySMS_Glo NetworksSMS_All other networks


Receiving Calls/per minute

Host NetworkCurrencyReceiving CallData/Kb


  • Call rate are per minute basis
  • SMS rate are per SMS basis
  • Data rate is per Kb.
  • Call received is charge per minute basis
  • All rates are VAT inclusive


  • The rates in the table above are UNIFORM but presented in the 3 different currencies of the Glo operating countries.
  • Received call charge of NGN 8.00 is per minute
  • The rates stated below may fluctuate from time to time as the exchange rate between CFA/Cedis and naira fluctuates.
  • The fixed value will be the rate in Naira, Cedis and CFA
  • “Glo Zone” represents the 3 Glo networks/affiliates; Calling any Glo affiliate outside the visited country.

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