WiFi Roaming


Announcing the launch of Glo Wi-Fi Roaming. This service allows complete freedom from expensive data roaming. It’s simple to use and guarantees pocket friendly online access when you travel…

Activation Process for WiFi Roaming:
1. Download the Glo WiFi Roaming App from Google Play or Apple App Store.
2. Run the application, start the registration process.
3.Enter Glo number for verification without the first 0 [zero].
4. You will receive a code by SMS to finish registration.
5. Enter code received to finish registration.
6. Customer’s profile activated.
7. Use the top right tab to choose plan with your choice.
8. App tells you the networks that are available for use.
9. Customer can download the hotspots available.
10. Enjoy the WiFi access by clicking the available network.

Get unlimited data downloads when you buy any of the two plans.

Daily Plan1 hour48 hoursN2,100
Weekly Plan5 hours7 daysN9,200

Glo WiFi Roaming is available in 41 countries at 293,000 hotspots. Glo subscribers need to buy a plan and register the application before travelling to any of the 41 countries.

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