IDD Packs FAQs

What are the IDD – 23 country packs?
The IDD – 23 country packs address the customer need of International calling at the most affordable rates
Customer can choose from the denominations below:
1. N100
2. N200
3. N500
4. N1000

What is special about IDD – 23 country packs?
The IDD -23 Country Packs give the freedom to call top 23 countries across globe at local call rates. The rates are as low as N6.6 per minute

What are the different types of IDD Packs and their details?
Customer can choose from the following IDD packs

  1. IDD 23 Country Packs :

IDD 23 Country Pack

IDD 23 Country
Pack 1

IDD 23 Country
Pack 2

IDD 23 Country  Pack 3

IDD 23 Country
Pack 4

Rental (Naira)





Bundled  IDD Airtime (Naira)





Bundled Airtime Rate





Bundled Airtime in Minutes





 Validity Days





Dial Opt In USSD code





23 Countries covered under IDD – 23 Packs

Bangladesh, Brunei, Canada, China, Denmark, French Guiana, Guam, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Luxembourg, Malta , Mongolia, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore , South Korea, Spain, Sweden, UK, US.

Who can avail the IDD 23 country Pack?
All new & existing customers can opt for IDD 23 country pack.
Except customers on Jolific8, can not avail IDD -23 country Pack

How do I opt for IDD packs?
Dial *777# and select Voice Profile & Pack Option, to select a pack of your choice.

Am I charged for purchasing IDD – 23 Country pack?
Yes, you are charged the fee for the pack you purchase, and you get bundled international airtime

When are the pack benefits of IDD-23 credited into the customer’s account?
Your IDD-23 Pack bundled international airtime is credited instantly after your pack fee is debited from your account.

How do I check my IDD-23 Packs, remaining airtime balance?
By dialing #122*1# or alternatively the details can also can be checked through *777# under IDD pack menu

Can I transfer the IDD-23 Packs remaining airtime to another customer?
No, you cannot transfer the remaining airtime to another customer on the Glo network

What happens to remaining IDD talk time on IDD bundle expiry?
IDD bundle talk time is forfeited on expiry of validity

What will be the International call charges for these 23 countries, post IDD bundle expiry or consumption?
Once the above IDD Talk time buckets are consumed, the tariff will revert to customer’s regular tariff and the calls to these 23 international destinations will be charged as per the country’s regular tariff.

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