Infinito FAQs

1. What is the Glo INFINITO plan?
It is a prepaid price plan with no conditions attached. There is no telescopic condition. There is no Daily Rental or access fee

2. How much do I pay for calls on this plan?
• Onnet call rate:22K/s
• Family and friends rate:11K/s to 10 Glo numbers
• Offnet call rate: 22K/s

3. What is the SMS rate for Glo INFINITO?
• On-net SMS: N4/SMS
• Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
• International: N35/SMS

4. Will the above tariff be applicable for promo balances?
Above tariffs are applicable to main balance depletion ONLY. Promo balance tariff will be charged at the respective rate applicable to the promo bonus based on the promo FAQs

5. How do I get on the Infinito plan?
Easy. Just dial *100*9*1# and you can start enjoying these wonderful rates!

6. Is there a migration fee?
a) The first profile migration is FREE on the network
b) Only one FREE profile migration is allowed within 30 days
c) Migration fee of N100 to be charged customers on subsequent migrations

7. Is Family and Friends (FnF) available on Glo INFINITO?

8. How many Family and Friends can I have?
You can register 10 Glo numbers as your FnF

9. How much do I pay on calls to my FnF numbers?
Calls to FnF is charged at 11K/s

10. How do I register a number as my FnF?
After Migrating to Infinito, Subscribers can register their selected FnF numbers by dialing *101*1*Mobile No#

11. How do I modify/change an FnF number?
Subscribers can modify their selected FnF number by dialing *101*2*Existing F&F Mobile No*New F&F Mobile No#

12. How do I deregister/delete a number from my FnF list?
Subscribers can deregister/delete an FnF number by dialing *101*3*Mobile No#

13. Do I pay for registering an FnF number?
First time of registration of the 1st 10 FnF numbers is FREE. Deregistration/deletion and modification of existing FnF attracts N50 per change.

14. What happens to my existing FnF list when I migrate out of Infinito to another prepaid?
Currently, all existing FnF numbers are removed/deleted from your profile on migration out of Infinito and you will need to re-register your FnF number(s) if you return to Infinio after previously migrating out of it.

15. Can I register a non-Glo line as my FnF and enjoy the FnF rate?
The system will allow you to register offnet number as FnF but you will be charged at offnet calling rate when you call such registered offnet FnF numbers. You can only register enjoy FnF rate on your registered Glo FnF number

16. Who can use Glo INFINITO?
Glo INFINITO can be used by all new and existing prepaid customers on the Glo network

17. Can I buy Biigy Pack while on Infinito?
Yes you can buy Biggy Packs while on Infinito. Dial *170*1# for N100 pack which gives you N260 value, *170*2# for N300 pack which gives you N800 value and *170*3# for N500 pack which gives you N1,660 value

18. Can any customer on another prepaid profile migrate to Glo INFINITO
Yes, a customer on any Glo prepaid plan can migrate to the Glo INFINITO by simply dialing *100*9*1#

19. Can a customer on a postpaid plan migrate to Glo INFINITO?
No, a customer on a postpaid plan will not be allowed to migrate to Glo INFINITO.

20. Will new activations get this tariff by default?
No. All new activations would have to dial *100*9*1# to migrate to INFINITO.

21. How can Glo customer de-register from Glo INFINITO?
By dialing the USSD code for the new plan you want to migrate to.

22. Is Glo INFINITO a promotional offer?
No, Glo INFINITO is a prepaid tariff plan

23. When is the Glo INFINITO ending?
Glo INFINITO plan has no end date as it is a prepaid plan and not a promotional offer.

24. Where else can I get information on this offer?
You can visit Glo website (, Gloworld, Glozones , dealer outlets and retailers or dial 124 for information

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