National Team Supporters Club

Globacom has not limited its support for football to the national teams in Nigeria and Ghana alone. The fans through the registered National Supporters Club bodies have also benefited from the financial contributions of the telecommunications company to the overall good of the game. Globacom enjoys a robust relationship with the Nigeria Football Supporters Club (NFSC) and the Ghana National Supporters Union (GHANSU).

It was in recognition of the contributions of Nigeria Football Supporters Club (NFSC) to the nation’s past successes, that Globacom in 2004 offered to facilitate their travel to Tunisia where their drums and songs cheered the players to a third place finishing. The NFSC has since been enjoying an annual sponsorship fee that rose to N30m in 2009 from N10m in 2004-2005 and N15m in 2007-08. This partnership has ensured that all Nigerian teams enjoy massive support from the stands wherever they play.

In Ghana, GHANSU was positioned by Globacom to mobilize their compatriots in support of the Black Stars when Ghana hosted the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations. The Black Stars went all the way to the last four in the tournament. GHANSU has continued championing the mobilization of fans for the Black Stars through their hugely successful campaign for the 2010 World Cup.

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