Frenzo Chat

Once again, Glo brings a wondrously new service to its teeming customers with Frenszo Chat! Frenszo is a Social Networking Voice Chat Service on Phone which allows you to find friends or make new friends and talk to them over the phone without disclosing your mobile number. Frenszo voice chat allows for anonymous conversations in a secure environment with spam and abusive language control and also, with Frenszo chat you have the option of chatting using SMS.

To get started on this service, all a subscriber needs to do is to call 547, follow the voice prompt and listen to the pre-recorded profile of other users on the system.


Once registered for Frenszo Chat, you get a 6 digit chat ID as your Chat identity. With your Chat ID, other Glo users can call you directly and chat with you without knowing your mobile number. The service is absolutely secure with very stringent checks and moderation. It is a unique, innovative and interesting social networking community where people can meet like -minded friends with similar interests from any region of the country and stay in touch.

First Time Users

To enjoy the full features of this service, First time users need to register their profile on Frenszo chat by recording short and interesting information about themselves.


Frenszo voice chat is the most robust and dynamic chat service available.

  • Record: You can record your own profile message for others to hear and contact you.
  • Manage account: Registered customers can manage their account themselves to determine which information they want other people to hear or know about them
  • Edit profile: At any point in time, customers can edit or update their profile to reflect how they want to appear on Frenszo Chat
  • Block/unblock: Once you are no longer interested in chatting with a particular person, simply block the person’s chat ID. Should you want to chat with that person again, it’s as simple as unblocking that person’s Chat ID.
  • Search: Edit your search criteria to find anyone of your friends or chat rooms
  • Chat rooms: Several different chat rooms means you never get bored, if you are no longer interested in a particular chat room, just change rooms!
  • Logout: You can manage your profile such that you only receive chat calls when you are not busy
  • Deregister: To deregister from Frenszo Chat, simply send ‘’UNSUB’’ as sms to 547. You can join the Frenszo Chat service at any time after deregistering

Making a Frenszo Chat Call

There a 2 ways to make a Chat call to your friends:

  • You can directly dial your friend’s 6 digit Chat ID number prefixed with 547. For example, to call a friend with Chat Id 123456, simply dial 547123456 from your phone. The call will automatically get connected to your friend with your Chat ID as the calling number.
  • OR you can call 547 and select option 2 ‘To chat directly with a known friend’. The system will then prompt you to enter the Chat ID of the friend whom you want to chat with and then the call gets connected.


  • Chat anonymously with anyone without disclosing your identity or mobile number
  • Browse a list of friends’ profile and pick the desired friend’s profile that suit your interest
  • Express your personal style by recording your profile in your own voice and language.
  • Dial your friends chat ID directly without first connecting to Frenszo chat
  • Chat with other frenszo members via SMS by sending text to the chat ID of your friend on Frenszo


Channel*Tariff (N)Billing
Voice10Per Min

* The voice charge is paid by the party that initiates the chat but both parties bear the SMS costs if used.

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