GLO XMS service allows you to send and receive SMS with the XMS App while you are on a DATA (2G/3G/WiFi) connection. Meaning you have 1 App for all your messaging!

– XMS is a messaging app like many others (WhatsApp etc.) but with XMS you can also send SMS
– You could XMS people who also have the XMS App ­ and you can SMS the people who don’t have the app ­ all from the same XMS App
– SMS via the XMS App is much cheaper than normal SMS
– You can also send message using your browser with the WEB-XMS and send/receive SMS via any PC/Tablet device – even without a SIM

How to Activate
– Download and Install the Glo XMS App on your smartphone. Download the App ­from your phones’s App store or browse to  to download the XMS App
– Launch the app and send the keywords “START GLO” to the “XMS Bot” within the App contact list.
– Upon Activation, you will see “Globacom Bot” appear on the contact list.

How to Deactivate:
– Send the keyword “STOP” to the GLOBACOM Bot within the App.

– N30/week
– 24 ONNET or OFFNET messages

Click Here for Glo-XMS FAQs

glo xms

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