Glo Mobile School FAQs

Q-1: What are the tariff details?
SMS answering a test charges N2/SMS
SMS Subscription Service Weekly Charges N25/Per Week.

Q-2: How to subscribe for service?
SMS ‘SCH’ to 33188

Q-3: On which short code Services are available?
All SMS subscriptions are available on short code 33188

Q-4: IS some free sms services available on SMS Alert Service?

Q-5: Who can avail GloMobileSchool?
All Glo prepaid customer can avail GloMobileSchool

Q-6: What is the procedure for Un-subscribing any service on subscription on SMS Alert Service?
To Unsubscribe user have to sms UNSUB to 33188.

Q-7: Who can enjoy GloMobileSchool?
All customers with all kind of Handsets that receive and send SMS as Education is a need that applicable to all customer segments. Students, Teachers, Parents, Interested learners, Academic Professionals

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