Glo Simple Recharge FAQs


1. Activation and general information on Simple Recharge
1.1 What is Simple Recharge?
1. It is one of Mobile Payment Services that gives Glo subscribers a simple, convenient and secure way to top up airtime on their Glo lines, straight from their various bank accounts using a unified code, *805#
2. Access to airtime Anytime and Anywhere with the benefit of having to remember one USSD Short Code, *805#.

1.2 How can I access Simple Recharge?
1. Register your Glo line with each of your bank account (line to receive Transaction alert) if you have not done so
2. Dial *805# from the registered Glo line
3. Select the bank of choice
4. Select the amount of airtime to top up your Glo line
5. You will get a response to confirm that your line was successfully top up.

NB: It is a one-off registration. No need to register for each transaction.

1.3 Do I Need PIN to make use of Simple Recharge?
1. No, you do not need any PIN since your phone number is registered with your banks. However, some banks may ask you to create a PIN for this transaction.

1.4 Can I have more than one bank account (connected to my Glo line for alert) linked on Simple Recharge?
1. Yes, as long as you register your Glo line with your various Naira Bank counts in Nigeria, you can recharge from any of these banks.

1.5 Can I use Simple Recharge to top up others Glo subscriber phone numbers?
1. No for now. You can only top up the phone number that you registered with your banks.

1.6 Can I use Simple Recharge to top up on other network?
1. No. Simple recharge is a Mobile Payment Service for airtime top up exclusively designed for Glo subscribers..

1.7 How much will I be charged for using Simple Recharge?
1. Simple recharge is a free of charge service. There are no charges incurred by Glo subscribers. This is another way we bring value to our esteem subscribers

1.8 How many banks are on Simple recharge?
1. We have 15 Banks on Simple Recharge platform as at today, and others will soon be concluded

1.9 What type of phone can work with Simple Recharge?
1. You can use any basic classic phone to access Simple Recharge.

1.10 Can I use Simple Recharge on both postpaid and prepaid lines?
1. Yes, you can use Simple Recharge on both Postpaid and Prepaid lines to top up.
2. You will enjoy any benefits (Bonus, incentives, etc) applicable to this new service.


2 Transactional Issues
2.1 What is a Transaction Reference Number (TRN)?
1. TRN is the number displayed on your phone screen at the time of the successful completion of a is required for issue resolution when necessary

2.2 Is my transactions secured using Simple Recharge?
1. Yes, your transaction using Simple recharge is very secure as it takes place on the bank’s core banking application and only be initiated from the Glo line registered with the bank. The platform is also built on a secure USSD Gateway

2.3 What are my transactions limits using Simple Recharge?
1. This is usually determined by your bank with a maximum often set at N3,000 or N5,000 by some banks
2. Please contact your bank for further information on your daily transaction velocity (limit/Volume).

2.4 Do I need data services to access Simple Recharge?
1. No, data service is not needed to access Simple Recharge. Simple Recharge is a USSD based service

2.5 I recharged my account but I didn’t get any form of notification. What do I do next?
1. There could be a delay at the SMS Service Centre, which may prevent you from receiving notification immediately. Also, your inbox may be full. Dial #124# to check your airtime balance to confirm if the payment went through.
2. If your airtime balance was not credited, check your bank account balance to see if your account was debited.
3. If your bank account was indeed debited and your airtime was not credited, please contact your bank for reversal.


3 Others (Trouble Shooting /Possible Error Messages)
3.1 I dial *805# and I cannot connect. What do I?
1. Though it is unlikely to happen, *805# may be unavailable on the network for planned maintenance of the USSD Gateway or other related issues . The subscriber should try again after a few minutes.

3.2 I dial *805#, am getting following message: ‘’‘USSDC: No reply from ESME’ as response”.
1. This means the Bank services/platform may not be connecting at the time. The subscriber should try again later.

3.3 If I port my Glo line, what happens to Simple Recharge?
1. Simple Recharge has nothing to do with Mobile Number Portability. The service is available for any Glo line.

3.4 “Your financial institution is not available, please try again later”.
1. The subscriber should try again later.

3.5 “Request not complete”.
1. *805# may be unavailable on the network

3.6 “Your financial institution does not authorize this transaction”.
1. This means that the bank host has not permitted this service on your account.
2. Maybe your account is not linked to your Glo line. The subscribers should contact his/her bank

3.7 Your phone is not linked to your bank account
1 . Subscriber should contact his/her bank to ensure the phone number is linked to their bank accounts.

3.8 “Supplementary service error: general error”.
1.*805# is unavailable on the network
2. The subscriber should try again after a few minutes.

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