Glo Simple Recharge FAQs

What is *805# Glo Simple Recharge
*805# Glo E Service is a service which enables you to buy airtime and data bundles directly from your bank account via a USSD code at your convenience, anytime, anywhere. You can buy airtime and data bundles in different denominations as listed on your bank menu.

How does it work?
To buy airtime and Data directly, all you need to do is dial *805# and go through the Menu. Customers are not charged for using this distinctive USSD code, which is exclusive to bank customers.
To use this service, dial *805# and proceed as follows;
 Select an option (Airtime or Data)
 Select either Self or third party Recharge
 Input Recharge Amount for self
 Input Number to be credited for third party
 Select bank to be debited from.
NB: It is a one-off registration. No need to register for each transaction.

What can you Buy on *805#?
You can purchase the following from the menu on *805#;
 Airtime (for self and third party, family and friends)
 Data bundles (for self and third party, family and friends)
 Extra value bundles (4x recharge bonus)

Who can enjoy this service?
 Customers with bank accounts, who use Glo products and services
 Customers with corporate accounts (Salary Accounts)
 Customers with business accounts

Do I Need PIN to make use of Glo Simple Recharge?
 No, you do not need any PIN since your phone number is registered with your banks. However, some banks may ask you to create a PIN for this transaction.

Can I use this service with All Banks?
Currently, there are 13 banks on the *805# platform:
 Access Bank
 Diamond Bank
 Fidelity Bank
 Jaiz Bank
 Heritage Bank
 Keystone Bank
 Skye Bank
 Stanbic
 Union Bank
 Unity Bank
 Zenith Bank
More banks will be enlisted soon.

My Bank is not on the 805 Menu?
Simply call 121/200 toll free; you will be assisted with other options of Etopup.

Can I use Simple Recharge to top up on other network?
 No. Simple recharge is a Mobile Payment Service for airtime top up exclusively designed for Glo subscribers.

Can I use Simple Recharge on both post-paid and prepaid lines?
 Yes, you can use Simple Recharge on both Post-paid and Prepaid lines to top up.

I dial *805# and I cannot connect. What do I do?
 Though it is unlikely to happen, *805# may be unavailable on the network for planned maintenance of the USSD Gateway or other related issues. The subscriber should try again after a few minutes.

I dial *805#, am getting following message: ‘’‘USSDC: No reply from ESME’ as response”.
 This means the Bank services/platform may not be connecting at the time. The subscriber should try again later.

If I port my Glo line, what happens to Simple Recharge?
 Simple Recharge has nothing to do with Mobile Number Portability. The service is available for any Glo line.

“Your financial institution is not available, please try again later”.
 The subscriber should try again later.

“Your financial institution does not authorize this transaction”.
 This means that the bank host has not permitted this service on your account.
 Maybe your account is not linked to your Glo line. The subscribers should contact his/her bank

Your phone is not linked to your bank account
Subscriber should contact his/her bank to ensure the phone number is linked to their bank accounts.

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