Rhapsody of Reality Mobile Service from Christ Embassy – FAQs

Question 1: What is Rhapsody of Realities service?
Answer: The Rhapsody of Realities (ROR) service is an electronic devotional services from Christ Embassy which delivers the daily devotional (Rhapsody of Realities) in sms & wap, and IVR in the following languages-
3.Pidgin English,
ROR service also offers prayer/devotional from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Question 2: What are the features of this service?
Answer: The features include;
1. E-Rhapsody Download: An electronic version of ROR. Here a subscriber will receive a link to download a PDF version of ROR.
2. Daily ROR (SMS-based): The subscriber receives a text message (160 character), which will have a mini URL for more info to be read from Rhapsody of Realities wap portal
3. ROR Voice content in English, Hausa, Pidgin English and other languages: The subscriber will receives content via out-bound dial call. Message will be within 60 seconds.
4. Pastor Chris’s voice prayer: Prayers/devotional with Pastor Chris. Voiced by the man of God himself through IVR.

Question 3: How can I subscribe to ROR voice service?
Answer: You can subscribe to the ROR voice service by sending the activation keyword to the shortcode. E.g
 For Voice ROR in English: Text VROR to 55515
 For Voice ROR in Pidgin: Text VRORP to 55515
 For Voice ROR in Hausa: Text VRORH to 55515
 For ROR SMS: Text ROR to 55515
 For E-download: Text EROR TO 55515
You can also dial 55515 IVR portal to listen to the IVR instructions on how to activate the ROR services.

Question 4: Which type of content will I get for the ROR voice service?
Answer: For ROR voice content- subscribers will get an out-bound call (OBD) daily with content in the language subscribed for.

Question 5: Which type of content will I get for the Pastor Chris prayer service?
For Pastor Chris voice prayer, subscribers will get a Voice prayer call by Pastor Chris at a specific time of the day.

Question 6: Will I receive the English, Hausa and Pidgin content when I subscribe to one of the services?
Answer: NO, subscriber will only get the content for the service subscribed for. i.e if you subscribe for ROR English you will get the content in English.

Question 7: What is the different between ROR voice service and Pastor Chris voice prayer service?
Answer: ROR voice service is the voiced Rhapsody of realities reading for the day while Voice Prayer service is a prophetic/prayer declaration by Pastor Chris.

Question 8: How much does the ROR voice service subscription cost?
Answer: Subscription to the Rhapsody of reality voice content costs-N75/week or N35/3days

Question 9: What is the cost of E-Rhapsody download service?
Answer: N50/ week or N25/3days

Question 10: Can I access the E-Rhapsody download service with any type of phone?
Answer: You can receive the download link via SMS but you would need a data (GPRS) enabled phone with an active data plan to download the PDF file. A double confirmation applies at the point of activation, user will be notified that the service applies to only data enabled phone. Please note that a data-enabled phone is required for this service. REPLY with 1 to confirm activation. Dial 55515 for other devotional services

Question 11: Which type of content will I get for the ERhapsody service?
Answer: Content will be in text format (PDF) supported by mobile OS, Androids, Blackberry, Windows phone and iPhone any data enable devices.

Question 12: Aside subscription cost. What is the cost of downloading the E-Rhapsody content?
Answer: No additional cost, however data charges apply for downloading the file.

Question 13: How do I subscribe for the ROR sms based Service?
Answer: For SMS ROR in English: Text ROR to 55515

Question 14: Which type of content will I get for the ROR SMS based Service
Answer: For Daily ROR-sms based: subscribers gets a text message (SMS) including a mini url for more information to be read from ROR Web Portal.

Question 15: Will I get SMS notification for subscription to these services?
Answer: Yes, you will get confirmation SMS for the subscription of service whether it is successfully subscribed or not.

Question 16: Which day and time do I get the content?
Answer: For ROR Voice service: Start from 11am daily For SMS based service: Start from 8am daily.

Question 17: How do I deactivate the services?
 Send STOP “KEYWORD” to 55515 (E.g STOP VROR to 55515)
 For ROR voice services: sms STOP VROR to 55515
 For ROR sms service: sms STOP ROR to 55515
 For E-Rhapsody Download service: sms STOP EROR to 55515
 FOR Pastor Chris prayer service: sms STOP PC to 55515

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