Family and Friends Finder


Introducing a first of its of kind service in Nigeria: Globacom Family & Friends Finder. This service enables subscribers to check the location of family members and friends. This can be used to plan safety of the family members proactively giving peace of mind. One can also alert others with his or her location if help is needed. Close friends can share their location conveniently without disrupting the other ones with calls. Companies can use this service to optimize operations by locating employees like drivers, sales representatives, field engineers and so on.

Globacom Family & Friend Finder works in every phone. Locations are defined with landmarks that are locally well-known places such as prominent buildings, parks, market places etc. Globacom Finder is easy to use with simple text commands that are sent to 5511. User privacy is fully protected, as only if there is consent the other person can locate another one. If a person doesn’t provide consent, one cannot be located by others.

Globacom Finder is an exciting new innovation to Globacom subscribers enabling families to keep safe and protect each other. Companies will also be able to step up their operations to another level by being able to locate their employees on the go and allocate the right person to perform the right task.

This is a first of its type of service and Glo Family and Friends Finder has mass market appeal and customers are sure to find innovative uses for it.

Send “Find <phone number>” to 5511 and know the whereabouts of your loved ones now for just N50 per request.

The Glo Family and Friends Finder app is now published on the Google Play Store (formerly known as Android Market). Move over to the Google Play Store, search for Glo Family Friend’s Finder or open the link with Google Play on your Android device!

Click Here for Glo Family and Friends Finder FAQs

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