Toll Free Service (0800 Service)

Glo Toll Free service allows callers to reach your Organization through a unique toll number across the country without having to pay for each and every telephone call.

Glo Toll Free service provides free, quick and easy access for Enterprises to reach out to their extended networks such as customers, business partners as well as employees. The Glo Enterprise customers bear the cost of the incoming call.

Value to Your Business:

  • Conveys the business number in one communication (One Number for Millions to reach).
  • Allows the prospect to reach for free to get information/ support.
  • Generate highly productive response for your marketing initiatives.
  • Positions you as a customer-friendly organization.
  • Helps in increasing customer relationship management & lead management.
Security Deposit GHc 400
Monthly Service Rental GHc 100
Tariff Gp 11 per minute

How to Get This Package:
Contact either our sales team via or