Register your SIM with Ghana card in 2 stages - *400# and Biometrics stages.

The National Communication Authority (NCA), Ghana’s telecommunication regulatory body has directed that all active SIMs in Ghana must be registered with only the Ghana Card for Ghanaians and the non-citizen card for non Ghanaians with residence permit. This suffice it to say all existing subscribers will have to re-register their SIMs using only the Ghana Card or non-citizen card. The primary purpose of this directive is to properly identify all subscribers so as to reduce incidences of fraud and to help address any potential National Security threats.

Glo subscribers can seamlessly register or re-register their SIMs by simply dialing *404# on their phone to register their Ghana card, receive a Subscriber Unique User Identification code, also know as SUUID, and take the SUUID to the nearest Glo SIM registration centre for biometric capturing to complete the SIM re-registration process.

Glo sim registration centres

Dealer Name: Gloworld Shop. Location: East Legon. Physical Address: House no 131, Freetown Avenue, East Legon, Accra. Greater Accra. Phone Number: 230557209

Dealer Name: Gloworld Shop. Location: Spintex. Physical Address: Glo Mobile Ghana Limited 19, Spintex Road, Accra, Ghana. Phone Number: 230557932

Dealer Name: Gloworld Shop. Location: Accra Central. Physical Address: House No D853/3, Asafoate Nettey Road, General Post Office, Central District, Accra. Greater Accra. Phone Number: 230557871

• Dealer Name: Gloworld Shop. Location: Adum. Physical Address: Plot No 16, Block 2, Adum, Kumasi. Ashanti Region. Phone Number: 230557205

• Dealer Name: Addstep. Location: Kumasi. Physical Address: Asafo market Achamfuor store. Phone Number: 239241111

• Dealer Name: Addstep. Location: Kumasi. Physical Address: Bantama Adjacent Yaa Achaa chop bar. Phone Number: 242166825

• Dealer Name: Pekab. Location: Mamponteng. Physical Address: Opposite Mampongteng Court. Phone Number: 263442424

• Dealer Name: Ralpmens. Location: Obuasi. Physical Address: Mangoase Opposite MTN office. Phone Number: 235114362

• Dealer Name: Gloworld Shop. Location: Market Circle. Physical Address: House No 24/7, Kofi Annan Road, Market Circle, Takoradi. Western Region. Phone Number: 230557182

• Dealer Name: Tiger. Location: Takoradi. Physical Address: Effia Kuma No.9, Takoradi. Phone Number: 244111024

• Dealer Name: Gloworld Shop. Location: Koforidua High Street. Physical Address: Tutuwa House, Koforidua High Street, Koforidua. Eastern Region. Phone Number: 230557189

• Dealer Name: Solevent. Location: Nsawam. Physical Address: Adoagyire Round about. Phone Number: 278789936

• Dealer Name: Airtymn Solution. Location: Domi. Physical Address: Richard Plaza, Close to Shell Filing Station. Phone Number: 235099127

• Dealer Name: Airtymn Solution. Location: Mallam. Physical Address: Opposite Mallam Mosque, Masalatsi, Mallam. Phone Number: 230202084

• Dealer Name: Roshe. Location: Fadama. Physical Address: Close to Chief Imams Hse, Obuorgono st.. Phone Number: 235099147

• Dealer Name: EBS Location: Dansoman. Physical Address: Appiah Dankwah Bus station. Phone Number: 244584470

• Dealer Name: Supply Tekniks Location: Circle. Physical Address: New Town Close to Shell Filling Station. Phone Number: 230202566

• Dealer Name: Who is Behind Location: Kasoa. Physical Address: Kasoa Bordwiase Road. Phone Number: 553800273

• Dealer Name: Ellen Ventures Location: Darkuman. Physical Address: Opposite Goil Filing Station, Darkuman. Phone Number: 244077041

• Dealer Name: SW Logistics Location: Achimota. Physical Address: Opposite Treet Restaurant and Shell filling Station. Phone Number: 244091101

• Dealer Name: Martka Consult Location: Taifa. Physical Address: Airport Junction, Taifa. Phone Number: 246693777

• Dealer Name: Talk Solution. Location: Ashaiman. Physical Address: Opposite Stanbic Bank, Near Traffic Light, Tulaku Ashaiman. Phone Number: 235099143

• Dealer Name: Tonacc Location: Spintex. Physical Address: Main Kasapreko Road Spintex. Phone Number: 235099128

• Dealer Name: Sprint. Location: Madina. Physical Address: Opposite Ecobank, Madina Taxi Rank, Accra. Phone Number: 235099139

• Dealer Name: Tiger Location: Capecoast. Physical Address: Opposite Adisadel College mosque. Phone Number: 244111024

• Dealer Name: Stunner Enterprise. Location: Ho. Physical Address: Close to Municapal Education. Phone Number: 558681231

Got Questions?

The National Communication Authority (NCA), Ghana’s telecommunication regulatory body has directed that all active SIMs will now be re-registered or registered with only Ghana Card for Ghanaians or international passport for visiting foreigners or Non-Citizen Ghana Card for Resident Foreigners. 

The SIM registration begins on 1st October for a period of 6 (six) months and ends on 31st March 2022. 

SIMs that have not been registered in accordance with these new directives and guidelines will be removed from the networks. 

Yes, it is mandatory. When the registration period ends, all SIMs not registered will be disconnected from the network.

• To develop and build a SIM database with integrity, boosting confidence and security for the use of services dependent on the communications network.

• To curb fraudulent activities

• To secure SIM Card based transactions

This SIM re-registration and registration process will capture both your Ghana card details and biometrics – your fingerprints and facial image.  These are now required for a complete SIM registration, according to the Ghana Ministry of Communication and Digitalization. All operators have been directed to implement it fully. 

The SIM re-registration process involves only 2 critical stages which must be completed for a re-registration to be successful. The stages are as follows:

The *404# Stage: Dial *404# on your phone and follow the instruction to enter and submit your Ghana Card details such as your Name, PIN or card number, Gender, Date of Birth. On submission, you will receive a Subscriber Unique User Identification (SUUID) code.

The Biometrics Stage (Final): Visit the nearest Glo SIM registration centre with your SUUID code where a Glo SIM registration staff will capture your Biometrics by collecting both your finger prints and facial image to complete the SIM re-registration process. 

New subscribers will be aided through both stages by a Glo SIM registration and Activation staff at the point of SIM purchase. 

The Subscriber Unique User Identification code is the personalized and unique code sent to you after you have submitted your Ghana card details when you dial *404#. You will require this code when you visit a Glo SIM registration centre for the Biometrics stage in other to complete the SIM re-registration or registration process.

Try it again. Make sure you have your Ghana card handy to avoid any delay in entering your details as this could time-out the process. If it persists, kindly visit the nearest Glo SIM registration center for assistance. 

Call 100 and disclose your location while they help to find the nearest point to you. You can also visit for a list of Glo SIM registration centres. 

According to the NCA, you need to get the Ghana Card to do your SIM registration/re-registration, except you are a visiting foreigner who will need to register with an International passport or a Resident Foreigner who will need a Non-Citizen Ghana Card.

Ghana Card issuance is being done by the National Identification Authority (NIA). You can call 100 to get to know the one nearest to you.

No! You can only register by dialing *404# and entering your Ghana card details. You will thereafter need to visit a Glo SIM registration point to have your biometrics captured physically to complete the process.

Foreigners are allowed to use their international passport for the registration provided they are ONLY visiting otherwise they must get a Non-Citizen Ghana Card for the registration if they are Resident Foreigners. Non-Citizen Ghana Card are issued by National Identification Authority (NIA).

All SIMs belonging to businesses and corporate organizations will be registered upon the provision of Business Registration Documents and the Ghana Card of a listed Director.

The process for Ghanaians abroad who have Glo SIMs will be outlined soon.

Yes, only if you are a visiting foreigner. 

Yes, you can link up to 10 SIMs to your Ghana card.

No. *404# is the only short code approved by the NCA for SIM re-registration and registration. This is however limited to entering your Ghana card details in order to generate your SUUID code, which you need to take to a physical registration point where your biometrics will be captured to complete the SIM registration process.

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Yes. You have to visit a Glo SIM registration centre with your SUUID for your Biometrics to be captured by one of our SIM registration staff in other to complete the SIM registration process. Find below, a list of Glo Sim registration centres across Ghana.