Glo Twin Bash FAQs

1. What is the Glo Twin Bash product?
Glo Twin Bash offers you free airtime & data bonus with every data recharge of GHc 1 & above. When customer you recharges with GHc 1 & above, the benefit is extended automatically.

2. What do I get on recharging my account for Data with the Glo Twin Bash recharge?
• You will get 600% recharge benefit and additional data bonus to gift when you make a recharge of GHc 1 and above. The table below displays what you will get on every recharge

Denomination (GHc)

Data Bundle

Voice Bonus (GHc) Friends & Family (GHc)  Total Value (GHc) Additional Data Gift (MB) Data & Voice Validity (Days)





 40  4





 80  10





 200  30





 500  30





 1200  30





 4000  30

• The Data Plans are not Auto-Renewable. There is no data carry over feature available for these Plans.

3. How can I benefit from this?
Purchase recharge cards for value GHc1 and above. The higher the recharge value, more airtime value you get as bonus.
4. How do I subscribe for the Twin Bash?
You do not need to ‘subscribe’ to the product, all you need to do is recharge with *127*PIN# and you will get data plan with voice bonus relative to recharges made.

5. When do I get the Data plan / Voice Bonus?
The bonuses are received instantly.

6. How will I get notified of the bonus earned?
This is communicated via SMS notification.

7. What is the validity of the bonus received?
Each voucher purchased with its corresponding bonuses have specific validity period as shown in table above.

8. If I recharge with the Twin Bash voucher will the bonus airtime balance reflect in the main account?
NO. The recharged amount will not reflect in the main account but in the promo account.

9. How can I view the bonus gained under Data Gift, Voice account & Friends &Family?
Data gift, Voice & F&F Bonus can be viewed by dialling *124*4#

10. How can I check data balance?
• Data bonus can be checked by dialling *127# OR • Text STATUS to 127.

11. How much do I pay for calls on Twin Bash/Friends & Family bundles?
Usage on voice Bonus is charged at 25 pesewa/minute (i.e; 0.4166 pesewa/Second).

12. How do I add or modify numbers to my Friends & Family list?
To Add – Dial *101*1*F&F Glo Number#. To Modify – Dial *101*2*<Old Glo No.>*<New Glo No.># charged @ 50 pesewa To Delete – Dial *101*3*<Old Glo No.># charged @ 50 pesewa. (There is no charge to replace the deleted number). To retrieve list of F&F numbers – Dial *101*4#

13. How many numbers can I register under Friends & Family group?
You can register up to 10 Glo numbers under F&F group.

14. Is there any additional charge for the registration of F&F numbers?
Registration is free for the first 10 numbers, there after any modification or deletion in F&F list, you will be charged at 50 pesewa.

15. How can I check the data balance for Gifting?
Gift data can be checked by dialing *124*50#

16. Can I use the Gift data bonus?
No. Data bonus cannot be used for self, it can only be used for gifting to any Glo number.

17. How can I gift the data bonus?
Dial *127*Plan Code*Recipient Glo Number#. Plan code can be checked by dialing *124*50#

18. What is the tariff for the voice calls once the bonus gets exhausted or expired?
Once the voice bonus gets exhausted or expires, all the voice calls will be charged as per the base plan tariff.

19. What is the tariff for the F&F calls once the bonus gets exhausted or expired?
Once the F&F bonus gets exhausted or expires, all the F&F calls will get charged at Gp 5/minute.

20. Will the extra bonus be available on existing unused stocks of recharge cards in the market?
Yes, the offer is available even on unused stocks in the market of recharge cards.

21. Who is entitled for the Instant Recharge Bonus offer?
All new and existing prepaid Glo customers are eligible for Twin Bash.

22. Is the Bonus for only Recharge cards?
Yes. Bonus is for ONLY recharge card channel.

23. How do I access data subscribed for?
• If your device is not configured for browsing, send ‘settings’ to 4777.
• Save the settings received and start browsing.
• If you already have your device configured for browsing, just simply start browsing.

24. Will I be able to Roll-over my unused data to the next month?
No. Roll-over is not applicable to this offering.

25. Will I be able to share this data plan?
No. Sharing of data is not applicable to this offering.

26. Will I be able to Gift this Data & Voice Bundle?
No Gifting both Data & Voice bundle is not applicable to this offering.

27. What happens if I don’t use the voice & F&F bonus airtime?
It expires when the validity date is reached.

28. What happens to the data bonus if I don’t gift it?
It expires on plan validity.