Glo data packs continue to offer the highest volume and top quality to subscribers in the Ghana telecoms market today and this has emboldened the company to commit to continue to do the best to ensure customers get the best value for using Glo data.

These packages enable a subscriber to make the choice from an array of best value for money packs. Some of the star packs in the Glo data packages include GHc10 subscription that gives 4GB, GHc50 for 15GB, GHc80 for 30GB and GHc100, for 60GB.

The popular GHc300 pack is also a star attraction. A subscriber for this package gets an incredibly unlimited data usage.

A subscriber can also share their data pack with five other friends, family or colleagues while unused data can be rolled over to the next subscription.

The company has been working on an aggressive network improvement in recent time, adding more stations in Accra and other key cities to significantly improve and enrich susbcriber experience on the network.

To enjoy the benefits of Glo Data, all a subscriber needs to do is to dial *555#. For those who do not have Glo SIMs and wish to enjoy these offers, they can purchase their Glo SIMs, register and dial the same code.

Subscribers can now also purchase airtime online more conveniently by dialing *555#.