*Gives out bonus data for One Year

Accra, Oct. 7, 2015:- Glo Mobile has announced the introduction of sumptuous offers tied into affordable Smartphones and low end phones in a partnership with Tecno Ghana and Rlg in a collaboration aimed at responding to the needs of various categories of its subscribers and new customers.

The Smart phones, which include the Tecno Phantom 5, Tecno C5, Tecno C8, RLG Uhuru Pro & RLG Uhuru Accu models, are bundled with bonus data of 500 MB monthly on the Glo network for one year and are reasonably priced to make them affordable.

Three ranges of the Tecno smart phones are on offer. They are newly-introduced “King of all Phantoms”, the Tecno Phantom 5, Tecno C5 and Tecno C8, while two classes of Rlg smart phones, the Uhuru Pro, and Uhuru Accu are also on the card. The other phones included in the Smart Deals offer are Tecno 347, Tecno Y3, Tecno Y4 and Tecno Y6.

All the listed phones are available at Gloworld shops across the country.

The purchase of any of the smartphones – Tecno Phantom 5, Tecno C5, Tecno C8, RLG Uhuru Pro & RLG Uhuru Accu – at a Gloworld shop, comes with a free Glo SIM and bonus data of 500 Megabytes for 12 months. Similarly, the purchase of any of Tecno Y3, Tecno Y4 and Tecno Y6 also guarantees a bonus data of 200MB every month for six months.

The Tecno and Rlg smart phones are all Android class specifications and parade upgraded specs that make for an enhanced user experience, thus enabling users to enjoy the benefit of a wide advantage of maximised use of a variety of packages.

The famous Tecno Phantom 5, with its 5.5 inch HD screen, has an enviable memory that makes it comfortably attractive among all phones of its class. It comes strong with a 32GB ROM and a 3GB RAM. Tecno C8 also runs with a 16GB ROM and a 1GB RAM. The Tecno C5, Y6 and Y4 specifications have an 8GB ROM and a 1GB RAM.

Apart from the bonus data, any of these devices with Glo SIM also stands to enjoy the 50 percent bonus of Glo Kpa-Kpa-Kpa. All a user needs to do to tap into the offer is to dial *2015# after registering the line.

Glo Mobile Head of Business, Mr Akeem Kazeem said the offer was specifically packaged to enable people of various classes enjoy the benefits of these affordable phones and the call and data give-aways from Glo. He described the offers as unrivalled on the market.

“Subscribers will have a lot to benefit when they purchase any of these phones from our shops. Whether you are buying a smart phone or any of the low end phones, there are various benefits attached to them at no extra cost.”