11 countries IDD Pack

Glo Mobile has introduced another beneficial package for subscribers who need to make calls to several countries across the globe and are desirous of making great savings on their calls.

Glo Slasher and 11 countries IDD Pack will come in handy to deliver huge savings for calls to over 200 countries all over the world.

11 Countries IDD Pack Price Bundled International Minutes Validity Period (Days)
GHc1 12 2
GHc2 22 3
GHc5 63 7
GHc10 125 30
GHc15 188 30
GHc20 250 30
GHc30 375 30
GHc50 625 30
GHc100 1250 30
11 Countries covered
US, UK – fix, Canada, India, China, Ireland, Singapore, Malta, Puerto Rico, Iceland, & Brunei

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