11 countries IDD Pack FAQs

1. What is Nigeria pack IDD Pack?
The Nigeria IDD Packs are international voice packs, offering great value to make international calls to Nigeria at most affordable rates.

2. What are the details of these 4 Nigeria IDD Packs?
There are 4 offerings are as below;

Price (GHc) Nigeria Minutes Validity Period (Days)
1 2 1
2 4 5
5 11 10
10 22 10

3. How do one subscribe for the Nigeria packs?
Customer can dial *555# to subscribe for Nigeria packs.

4. Will the customer be notified upon subscription of service?
Yes. Customer will get an SMS notification informing them of successful subscription of service.

5. How can these packs be utilized?
All Nigeria packs can be used to make calls to all networks in Nigeria from Ghana.

6. Can the Nigeria packs be auto -renewed?
No. Nigeria IDD Packs cannot be auto -renewed. Customer needs to again subscribe for the pack

7. Can one stack multiple packs?
Yes. Customers can subscribe for more than one pack at a time.

8. Can one subscribe for different packs simultaneously?
Yes. Customers can subscribe for any of the packages under each category simultaneously.

9. Can the packs be rolled – over?
No. Packs cannot be rolled-over and unused minutes will get expired.

10. How can one check balance of Nigeria pack(s) subscribed for?
Subscriber should dial *555# to check balance for all packs.