Glo 50MB data Bonus – e-Top Up FAQs


1. What is Glo FREE 50MB?
The Glo free 50MB is offered to customers who buy airtime (not data) electronically from any vendor/aggregator

2. Who can avail this offer?
Only prepaid customers on the Glo network can avail the Glo free 50MB

3. What are their benefits?
On purchase of airtime from 5GHC and above customers get the below benefits;
1. 50MB valid for 24 hours

4. How can I subscribe to this offer?
To subscribe:
• Dial *543# to buy airtime
• Visit the website to buy airtime
• Download the Glo Café App to buy airtime

5. How can I check free 50MB?
• This bonus will add up to your existing data plan. However you will get a message
• Dial *127# or visit to confirm

6. Can I still Share free 50MB with loved ones?
No, it cannot be shared

7. Can I Gift this free 50MB to loved ones?
No, it cannot be gifted.

8. Can I still have these data plans Rolled -Over?
Yes, it can be rolled over if you purchase another airtime of 5ghc & above within 24hours

9. What happens to my data migrating to different profile?
Your data remain untouched when you migrate to different profile.

10. How can I check data balance?
• Dial *555# and select Check data balance
• Dial *127#
• Text STATUS to 127.
• Visit the self care portal,,
• Visit the new Selfcare App, Glo Café