Simply dial *555# to subscribe

Yakata Plus is a voice and data pack for prepaid customers upon the purchase of the pack.


  • You will get unlimited free Glo-Glo calls
  • Huge Data Volume
  • Free data, and Glo- Glo Calls’ validity is determined by the pack denominations.

PACK PRICE Glo-Glo Calls (Rate/ Min)* Bundled Data Free Data To Gift** Validity
GHc2 Free - Unlimited 600MB 200MB 4 Days
GHc5 Free - Unlimited 1.5GB 500MB 10 Days
GHc10 Free - Unlimited 3GB 1GB 20 Days
GHc20 Free - Unlimited 6GB 2GB 40 Days
GHc50 Free - Unlimited 15GB 5GB 100 Days

*During benefit validity period, calls to other network will be charged at profile rate while international calls will be charged from main account at standard tariff **Data to gift any Glo line.

Simply dial *555# to subscribe

Got Questions?

Glo Yakata PLUS is a set of new voice & data Packs for prepaid customers. Yakata PLUS Packs offer huge data volume and Free Glo- Glo Calls.

  • You will get unlimited free Glo-Glo calls
  • Huge Data Volume
  • Free data, and Glo- Glo Calls’ validity is determined by the pack denominations.

If you do not have a Glo SIM, you need to buy a new SIM card and dial *555# to Purchase a Yakata PLUS pack of your choice. The pack amount will be deducted from your main account balance.

Existing customer simply need to dial *555# and choose a Yakata PLUS pack from the menu.

The data, voice benefits and Free Data to Gift are credited instantly after purchase and notified through an SMS. You can check the benefits by dialing *555#

The Yakata benefits validity varies on the basis of pack denomination as detailed below:

  • Ghc1 = 2 Days
  • Ghc2 = 4 Days
  • Ghc5 = 10 Days
  • Ghc10 = 20 Days
  • Ghc20 = 40 Days
  • Ghc50 = 100 Days

In case of multiple purchases of the Yakata PLUS Packs your benefits and validity will get cumulated.

For Example if you purchase Ghc1 and Ghc 2 Yakata PLUS Packs, you will get benefits and validity as below:

  • Cumulated Benefits Validity: 6 Days
  • Total Cumulated Data : 900MB
  • Cumulated Data To Gift : 300 MB
  • Free Glo-Glo Calls – All for 6 days

In case you are a Yakata Customer, and you purchase a Yakata PLUS Packs, your Yakata Profile benefits will get consumed first , followed by Yakata PLUS Pack benefits.

In case, you already have a data subscription, and you purchase Yakata PLUS Pack, your Yakata PLUS data will cumulate to you data plan volume and your validity will top-up.

Gift data cannot be used by you or gifted to self, you can gift this data to any Glo number or loved ones in your friends and family.

To gift data, you need to dial *555# and choose Gift data option under Yakata PLUS menu. Once you press the Gift data option, you will see the volume available for gift along with USSD string. Dial the USSD string starting with *127*< Plan Code >* < Glo Receiver Number ># to gift data .

Yakata, voice and data benefits can be viewed by dialing *555#

All calls to other networks & on Glo network are charged at profile rate, SMS at Gp5.25 and Pay go data at Gp4/MB.

Both voice & data benefits expire on validity expiration.

You need to dial *555# or visit jsi.glo.com on your device using Glo network to purchase a bundle.