SIM Registration Offer FAQs

1. How do I know my SIM is not registered?
You will receive SMS & Call from Glo whether your SIM is registered correctly. You can also text your mobile number to 400 to know the status of your registration.

2. Why should I have my SIM registered?
All mobile operators are mandated by National Communication Authority (NCA) to have their subscribers’ SIMs registered for identification purposes.

3. Where can I have my SIM registered?
You can visit any of the Gloworld outlets or any authorized vendor /dealer with a valid ID card to have your SIM registered within few minutes.

4. What is/are the valid information required for a SIM registration?
Following information is required for a successful registration
Date of Birth
Valid National ID type (bearing a picture of the holder)
Valid ID Number

5. Which ID cards are valid for a SIM registration?
The following ID cards below are valid for all Ghanaian Nationals:
Voters ID card
Driver’s License
National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) ID card
National Identification Authority (NIA) ID card
National Passport

6. Which ID card(s) can be used to register a foreign national?
The valid ID card for registration of a foreign national is the Travel Passport.

7. Is one required to pay any amount for SIM registration?
No. SIM registration is FREE.

8. How does one qualify for the free 200MB data?
A subscriber after having SIM successfully registered will be awarded the 200MB data on the following working day.

9. Will I receive notification upon receipt of data bonus?
Yes. Customers will get a SMS notification informing them of receipt of data.

10. Will the customer be notified upon subscription of service?
Yes. Customer will get a SMS notification informing them of successful subscription of service.

11. What is the validity of the data bonus?
Data bonus is valid for 3 days.

12. Can I carry forward the unused data?
Unused data cannot be carried forward; same will get expired after 3 days.

13. Can I share the data with any other Glo number?
No. Free data bonus cannot be shared or gifted.

14. What happens when the data bonus gets expired?
Post expiry of the freebie pack, data will be charged as per the base tariff.