Caller Exchange Data

Caller Data Exchange is SIM tool kit menu service which enables users to exchange personal data with called parties at the click of a button. The feature prompts users to confirm which data type – E.g. Multiple phone numbers, E-mail addresses and Facsimile.

How to Access the Service
Access the service from Glo services menu on you handset
1. Select Magic Plus
2. Scroll to Glo Bizcard
3. Edit your information – with the following options:
a. Send your info – Allows you to input recipient’s number you want to send data to
b. View your info – Allows you to view your own data
c. Edit our info – Allows you to update your own data
d. Glo Bizcard – turn on/off – If turned on, customer will automatically receive a prompt to send their data

At the click of a button, all data can be sent to a called party with a prompt on his phone to accept or reject the transmission.

Customers will be charged per event and there will be different charges based on destination to which the message is terminated (on-net, off-net, international). The charge will be the same as SMS charge per destination.

Short code Tariff GHc
510 0.08
511 0.1
512 Free
513 0.08