Glo Café – Multi Channel Self Care App FAQs


1. What is Glo Café?
Glo café is an Over–The-Top (OTT) application which aims at empowering the consumer to have access to all products and services offered in Glo Ghana and manage the account with ease and authority.


2. What does the Self-Care app offer?
a. Glo cafe has the mobile version
b. Real-time Voice & Data balance enquiry.
c. Customer can recharge & view recharge history with option to migrate to a tariff plan of choice.
d. Option to Buy, Share & Gift Data bundles and subscription of Voice bundles.
e. Subscription of VAS products and services through a common window.
f. All transaction details related to Post-pay including bill amount due, last bill payments etc.
g. Accessibility to contact Call Center executives, raise service related requests, chat with agents etc.

3. How do I download the Glo café App?
Simply do the following:

  • For compatibility purpose, confirm your device is an ANDROID, IOS or Windows.
  • Text the keyword BUZZ to the short code 595 to trigger the download of the link.
  • You will receive the link via SMS (free of cost) from the SMS id Glo Café.
    * The short code 595 is toll free.

4. Which devices are compatible with the Glo café App?
The Glo Café App is available on Android device for now.

5. Who can access the app?
• Both Prepaid & Postpaid subscribers on the Glo network can access this app.

6. What is the cost of Glo Café subscription?
Accessing the Glo Café App is completely FREE.

7. What is /are the available payment channel(s) for services?
The Debit Card and Mobile Money.

8. What happens if I access the Mobile Money service & account is debited but crediting of the next account is not?
The Customer Care team will consolidate and provide resolution within 2 working days minimum.

9. WilI I be able to engage in transactions outside Ghana?
Yes. The application can be accessed outside Ghana once you have data via Wi-fi or any other data options.

10. Are all details available in real time in terms of balances Data, Voice, Recharges/bill payments/bundle subscription?
Yes, the application provides all data in real-time.

11. Is the application secured for financial transactions?
Yes, the application is OTP secured.

12. If I forget the password can Customer Care assist me in retrieving it?
No, Customer Care cannot identify your password to assist you. You need to reset your password though ‘Forget Password’ option is available on Google App.

Download app here.