Glo Caller Ring Back Tunes

Glo Caller Tunes is the personalized ring back service that enables you change the conventional “ring ring” sound heard when your friends, colleagues and family members call you with a tune of your choice. Glo Caller Tunes service entertains your callers with selected music subscribed for each time your phone rings, while creating a unique identity for yourself. With a vast range of top quality tunes to choose from, your style can truly be expressed.
With the wide entertaining possibilities presented by thousands of tunes available on “glo caller tunes”, indeed, every call is a song! With Glo Caller Tunes, every call is a song!

· Entertainment for Callers.
· Ability to choose different tunes for different callers or caller groups.
· Subscribers have the opportunity to express themselves via the tunes they play for their callers.

How to Subscribe
Glo subscriber sends ‘START’ to 5353  to subscribe for CRBT and browse for songs of his choice
You can dial 5353 and follow the instructions on your mobile to register yourself
You can register via SMS by sending SMS START or SET<space> < ID of the song preferred> to 5353. You will get confirmatory SMS upon successful registration

How To Unsubscribe
· Text “STOP’’ to 5353 and service will be withdrawn without any charges.
· Dial 5353 and follow the voice prompt.

Downloading Tunes
One can download a tune to reflect one’s personal preference through any of the following methods:
· IVR – Dial 5353; follow the instruction to listen to the songs.
· Select any song of your choice being played and just Press * to copy. The song will be set as your Glo tune.

List of Tunes
Dial 5353, follow voice prompt and press 1 for Top 10 hits.

Adding Tunes
To add a new tune when you already have three (3) tunes in your profile, you will have to delete one of the existing tunes.

Validity Period for Downloaded Tunes
The validity period for any tune downloaded will be based up on the charges deducted, after which the subscriber will have to pay a re-newal fee as mentioned below.

Pack name Subscription Fee 1st tune download Validity period 2nd tune download Validity period 3rd tune download Validity period
(Gp) (Gp) Days (Gp) Days (Gp) Days
Monthly 50 30 30 15 30 Free 30
weekly 20 10 7 5 7 Free 7
Daily 4 2 1 1 1 Free 1