ALWAYS ON, comes with an assurance of 365 days of continuous service, even if you do not make/receive calls, texts or browse.

ALWAYS ON is especially beneficial to customers who travel out of the country for >90 days or customers who do not have ready access to SIM replacement touch-points; they can rest easy knowing that their line will not be disconnected due to inactivity. What’s more, customers on ALWAYS ON enjoy an amazing 12k/sec rate to all networks (no hidden charges!).

  • Tariff is available to all prepaid customers.

  • You can subscribe to Glo ALWAYS ON by dialling 


     and selecting ALWAYS ON from the menu.

  • N500 one-time fee is deducted from your main account balance and your line is moved to the Always On plan, which gives you 365 days of uninterrupted access to the network.

Got Questions?

Glo ALWAYS ON is a prepaid subscription offer which allows customers to retain their phone numbers for one full year (365 days) irrespective of whether they have used their lines or not. With Glo ALWAYS ON, you do not need to worry about your line getting suspended or disconnected even if you have not made calls, used data or SMS.

Simply dial *301# and select ALWAYS ON from the menu. Upon your confirmation, a one-time fee of N500 will be deducted from your main account after which you will be subscribed to the plan.

a) Your line will be retained on the Glo network for 365 days guaranteed, no matter what. This means that your line will not be suspended, disconnected or de-activated for one full year even if you do not make/receive calls, text or browse for the entire period.  

b) You can make/receive calls at any time during the 365 days so long as you have sufficient airtime balance in your account. There is no need to visit any Gloworld or to contact customer care for your line to be reactivated. 

c) You enjoy an amazing tariff of 12k/sec flat to call ALL networks; no hidden charges, no daily subscription charges!

You still pay normal tariffs for using SMS and PAYGO data that is:

• National SMS (all-networks): N4/message
 International SMS: N35/message
 Pay-as-you-go data browsing: N1/MB (you may also dial *301# to buy a data plan of choice). 
 International calls are charged at normal rate applicable to the called destination

Yes, all Glo products and services can be purchased as normal by dialing the applicable USSD code for the plan or by direct purchase via Glo Café and other e-Commerce/online banking platforms where applicable.

Simply dial the USSD code of the plan you wish to subscribe to e.g., dial *230# for BEREKETE. You can also dial *301# or visit Glo café and select the desired tariff plan. Note that you will lose your 365 days validity status if you migrate out of ALWAYS ON.

Ensure you have a minimum of N500 airtime balance in your main account. Dial *301# and select ALWAYS ON from the menu. Upon your confirmation, a one-time fee of N500 will be deducted from your main account balance.

All Glo prepaid customers can subscribe to ALWAYS ON.

You will not be able to subscribe to ALWAYS ON, as the offer requires a one-off subscription payment of N500.

Yes. Unused balance(s) in your main account will be automatically credited to your Always on account upon successful subscription. However, any unused bonus balance(s) on the old plan will no longer be available upon subscription to ALWAYS ON, so we recommend that you fully utilise your bonus(es) before subscribing to ALWAYS ON.

Yes, so long as meet the eligibility criteria for the GLO Borrow Me credit/data facility.

You will receive SMS and email reminders (where applicable) prior to expiration for re-subscription to the ALWAYS ON plan. Where you do not re-subscribe, your line will no longer enjoy the 365 days guaranteed active status.

No, ALWAYS ON is not a promotional offer. It is a standard Subscription offer from Glo.

Should you require more information regarding Glo ALWAYS ON, please visit any Gloworld outlet or contact our Customer Care by dialling 121 from a Glo line or +2348050020121 from any other line.