Biz Optimizer

Biz Optimizer is a contract package specifically designed for people who don’t spend much on calls on a monthly basis but still would love to enjoy all the benefits of a contract package. Biz Optimizer is available in both Per Minute and Per Second billing bases.


  • Per Minute and Per Second billing options
  • Most cost effective rate plan for medium users
  • Free itemized billing ( N800 for additional copies)
  • Low monthly access charge
  • 20% Discount on 4 Glo numbers; or 4 International Numbers; or 2 Glo & 2 international numbers ( Family & Friends)

Cost of New Connection

Corporate CustomersIndividual Customers
Security Deposit
Monthly Rental
Total Cost


Rates & Charges

Call / SMS Rates
Glo to Glo (Peak Hours)25k/secN12/min
Glo to Glo (Off Peak Hours)20k/secN10/min
Glo to Glo (Night Hours)*10k/secN5/min
Glo to Any Network37k/secN18/min
SMS (Glo to Glo)N5/SMSN5/SMS
SMS (Glo to Any Network )N10/SMSN10/SMS
IDD Rates65k/secN39/min

Peak Hours : 7am – 9.59pm
Off Peak Hours: 10pm to 11:59pm & 5:00am to 6.59am (Mon – Fri); 24 hrs Saturday & Sunday.
Night Hours: 12am – 4:59am

If you are an international traveller, you may use your mobile effortlessly as Glo has extensive tie-ups with international networks. If you are an individual customer, you would need to pay additional deposit of N50,000 for roaming.

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