Biz Vantage

Biz Vantage is a special package for small and medium enterprises. It assists SMEs to manage cost and improve efficiency. It offers the pocket-friendly tariff rates for SMEs and CUG facility among workers.


  • Rental Discount: Monthly rental starts from N 2,000 per connection and keeps on coming down depending upon the number of connections in the group.
  • Bill Discount : The more you talk , the more discount customer gets on monthly bill.
  • Call Rate Discount : All calls between the Closed User group get 50% discount.

Cost of New Connection

Corporate Customers
Security DepositN3,000
Monthly RentalN2,000
Total CostN5,000

Rental Discount

Number of ConnectionsMonthly charge per Connection
Up to 10N2,000
11 – 25N1,750

Rates and Charges

Call / SMS Rates
Glo to Glo20k/sec
Glo to Any Network35k/sec
Voice Calls within SME Group10k/sec
SMS (Glo to Glo)N5/SMS
SMS (Glo to Any Network )N10/SMS
SMS within SME Group2.5k/SMS

Additional Benefits (Usage Discount)

Usage per line (N)Usage Discount
5,000 – 7,5005%
7,501 – 12,5007.5%
Instant Top-UpBuy DataBorrow Airtime