Postpaid Smart Plans


‘The New Postpaid Smart plans’ heralds new set of features that are exceptional in the Nigerian Telecom market.

The New Postpaid Smart plans are new, exciting, attractive and unique postpaid product offerings from Globacom that gives a matchless opportunity to achieve more, accomplish better and triumph in all spheres as you get the ‘best of all of worlds’.

It allays the fear of restricted calls with the distinctive feature of ‘Flexible minutes’ and gives you unimaginable number of SMS.

Flexible minutes give opportunity to make free calls to on-net numbers, off-net numbers and IDD (Zone 1- USA, Canada, India, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and UK landlines).

Buy any bundle of Postpaid Smart plans and get the corresponding offer as detailed below:

Product NameEntry CostDataVoice SMSVanity number
Postpaid Smart 5000N50005GB5hrs of calls ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls)500Nil
Postpaid Smart 10,000N10,00010GB10hrs of calls ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls)1000Available
Postpaid  Smart 25,000N25,00025GB25hrs of calls ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls)2500Available
Postpaid Smart 50,000N50,00050GB50hrs of call ( on-net, off-net and zone 1 IDD calls)
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