We have an array of connectivity solutions that can be tailored to suit enterprise goals or business objectives.

Our Enterprise solutions include Leased Line connectivity to interconnect your important nodal centres such as primary data centre, back up site, call centre and regional hubs.

Glo Business International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC)
GLO Business International Private Leased Circuits is a dedicated, point-to-point digital circuit for the bulk transport of data, voice and video. It allows simultaneous two-way transmissions of digital signals at speeds ranging from 2 Megabits per second (Mbps) to 2.5 Gigabits per second (Gbps) and higher bandwidths.

Glo Business Internet Services
Glo Business offers internet services with exceptional uptime and access speeds to corporates. Glo IPW/IPT is at present available across Nigeria and Ghana. The Glo 1 network offers connectivity across all the cities of Nigeria through the Glo-owned terrestrial fibre network.

Glo Business Direct Connect
Glo Business Direct connect is a solution for those with multiple fixed-line trunks that face issues with connectivity and voice clarity. This service provides customers with direct access to the GLO network, and in so doing, bypasses those areas in which there are current communications problems.

Glo Business GPRS based Private APN
Glo Business Private APN is a flexible access that provides effective network to locations requiring low bandwidth such as bank ATMs, warehouses and remote users like telecommuters, mobile workforce etc. It provides access to the network using GPRS technology. The solution is useful when customer has mobile requirement or the location is too remote to be connected on any medium on a cost effective basis or bandwidth usage is very low.

Glo Business Call Centre Solution
Glo Business provides fully integrated Call-Centre Service, with 24×7, 365 days coverage. We draw from the wealth of experience of our call centre operatives and assist our customers in integrating their legacy systems into their newly dedicated call centre.

Glo Business Video Conferencing Service
Glo Businessvideo conferencing provides real face to face meeting experience to people in geographically distant locations by providing a virtual meeting environment. The service helps you increase productivity and organizational efficiency by saving precious man-hours and facilitates instant decision making.

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